20 Amazing Things to do in Pattaya with Family

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Pattaya is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand, drawing all kinds of travelers to its shores. Contrary to its popular image, Pattaya has tonnes to offer to families, more so if you are traveling with kids. So check out our compilation of the 20 best things to do in Pattaya with family. You will certainly have loads of memories to cherish.

1. Big Buddha

Sitting on top of a mountain, the Big Buddha is one of the most popular attractions you’ll see in Pattaya. Looking over Jomtien beach, the seated golden Buddha exudes a very peaceful and spiritual calm with bells and burning incense.

Big Buddha

Add to that a breathtaking view from the top. No wonder tourists and locals often come here to pray or just meditate in calm.

2. Sanctuary of Truth

One of the most prominent attractions in Pattaya, every inch of this heritage structure is made of wood. At a staggering height of 350 feet, it towers over the city. Apart from the intrinsic architecture, its the location that takes the cake.

Santuary of Truth

Its on the edge of the beach, with sweeping views of the ocean. Its one of those places where you can enjoy some tranquil moments while soaking in the picturesque views.

Entrance Fee: INR 1000/ USD 16

3. Coral Island

A short speedboat ride away, Coral island is the go to place near Pattaya for thrilling watersports and excellent snorkeling. You can find corals just off the shore, so exploring them doesn’t get easier than this.

Coral Island

If you want some adrenaline pumping action, you can soar over the skies by parasailing or walk on the ocean floor and feed fishes. If you want to just loll about in the sands, the island has 7 beaches.

Cost:  Starts INR 900 / USD 14

4. Koh Samet

Do you need a lazy-day out between your holiday session? In no mood for more tiring activities? Then Koh Samet is just the right place for you. Crystal clear water, a white stretch of sparkling sand and rising number of luxury stays have made it a popular weekend getaway.

Koh Samet

You can leisurely explore the island, its view points and beaches on a bike. Or you could plunge into its aquamarine waters before washing up at a beach side massage parlor.

Or you can take a bottle of beer, dig into some amazing local seafood and head over to the beach for some relaxation. Do try the Banana Roti, a renowned specialty of the place.

5. Art in Paradise

Art in Paradise is one of those quirky art museums where you can be a part of the artwork too! Yes, you read that right.

Art in Paradise

The interactive gallery has more than hundred 3D wall paintings with exquisite shading which look like they might pop out any time. Be at your creative best and clicky some goofy and memorable pictures here.

6. Ripleys Believe it or not

A thrilling time is what awaits you and your kids at Ripley’s believe it or not museum! There are around 10 galleries with more than 300 weirdly beautiful exhibits.

Ripleys Believe it or Not

You can find all sort of strange things like a shrunken human head, a mask made from human skin, a wax figure of a 4 eyed man and old torture devices.

You can explore the Haunted Adventure and the Infinity Maze, or click selfies with wax figures of famous personalities at the Louis Tussaud’s wax museum!

Do not miss out the 12D moving theatre where you don’t just see 3D visuals but also experience the moves, turns, and vibrations! Kids totally dig that. You can thank us later!

Cost: INR 1000/ USD 16

7. Pattaya View Point

Pattaya view point is best visited in the evening, when the sun is about to set and city is about to come to life.

Pattaya View Point

Its offers amazing views of Pattaya bay during the day, with the entire stretch of the beach visible from the top. The only downside is the heat. In the evening, you can relax here and watch the twinkling lights of the city below. Don’t forget to take some cool snaps here.

8. Pattaya and Jomtien Beach

Pattaya beach is the most popular beach in town. Its busy at all times of the day, with travelers lounging about on sundecks or enjoying a splash in the designated swimming zones. At night,you sit by the beach and enjoy a picnic of  your own.

Jomtien Beach

Jomtien beach is a relatively quieter beach with lesser crowds. If you want a patch of sand all to yourself, then this is the beach to go for.

9. Flight of the Gibbon – Ziplining

Imagine soaring high in the jungles of Thailand, moving swiftly from one branch to another, full Jungle book style!


Zip-lines are used to send you swinging high through the rain forest canopies. The rappel descents and the hanging sky bridges add to the thrill, and the best part is, all of this happens inside a zoo and you get a complimentary tour of it!!

Cost: INR 7199/ USD 112

10. Underwater world

The underwater world takes you closer to the aquatic lives that thrive down under. There are several sections in the facility, each giving a truly unique experience. You can even feel the fishes and other marine animals at the touch pool.

Pattaya Underwater World

Ocean-sea Zone will introduce you with giants like black-tipped reef sharks, nurse sharks and eagle rays. You’ll find a whole section dedicated to colorful dancing jellyfishes. Kids would absolutely love this place.

11. Alcazar Cabaret

Alcazar is one of the most popular cabaret shows in Thailand. Its legendary status is well deserved and when you sit through the 70 minute show, you will know why.

Alcazar Cabaret Show

Thailand’s bewitching ladyboys put on an impressive show with their graceful dancing, jazzy costumes, boundless energy and amusing parodies of celebrities from different eras.

The show has close to 20 individual themed performances, with the glitzy lighting and booming sounds adding a serious punch to the show.

12. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is a personal favorite of travelers coming to Pattaya. It has a mesmerizing landscape with lush green everywhere you can lay your eyes on.

Nong Nooch Garden

Full of mango, coconut and orange trees, the garden has a world-class nursery with about 670 varieties of flowers! And it doesn’t end with that.

The tropical garden also houses beautiful Thai-style houses, swimming pools and restaurants serving all kinds of delicacies. Since the garden is massive, you can rent a bicycle to explore it at leisure. And It’s really fun riding through the amazing flora.

You can also catch some cultural shows with mind-blowing Thai dance performances. With so many things to do, you can easily spend the entire day here.

13. Mini Siam

It is a gigantic park with miniature versions of famous monuments, Thai architectures, and landmarks. A walk through Mini Siam is a like a journey around the world.

Mini Siam

And they have such a perfect size for your photos that you can trick your friends into thinking that you have been roaming all around the world! From the statue of Liberty to Eiffel Tower, Angkor Wat and even relics of Greece and Rome, Mini Siam has it all.

14. Alangkarn Show

Popularly known as “The Extravaganza Show”, Alangkarn is a cultural show that tells the story of Thailand’s history,culture and tradition in the form of theater, musicals, and circus style acrobatics.

Alangkarn Show

Get entertained as performers in jazzy costumes entertain you with story telling, dance and gravity defying moves. Add to that stunning fireworks, laser shows and you have quite a visual spectacle.

Cost: INR 1300/ USD 20

15. Thepprasit night market

It is one of Pattaya’s best street shopping experience. Its bustling stalls, loud music, pop up cocktail bars and street performers draw tourists and locals alike.

Thepprasit Night Market

The stalls sell everything from fake designer watches, original and fake clothing, funky souvenirs, handbags to cosmetics.

Not a fan of shopping? No problem, visit the market just for the lip-smacking street food. There are around 80 stalls here selling all kinds of authentic Thai delicacies.

Things to do in Pattaya with kids

16. Frost magical ice of Siam

Seen the movie Frozen and your kids love it ? Then, this place is totally meant for them! A true winterland, its marvelous ice sculptures showing Thai attractions, the waterslides and the adventurous ice walks will have your kids squealing in excitement.

Frost magical ice of Siam

Don’t forget to get your jackets and coats because it gets icy-cold in here!

Cost: INR 800/ USD 12

17. Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

The only cartoon network themed park in the world is bound to bring smiles to your kid’s face. It’s a grand water park, ideal for spending some fun time with your family. It has all your favorite characters like the Powerpuff girls, Dexter and Jake from adventure time.

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

The kids will love the small slash pools, gigantic water slides and the famed loops,which send you on a free fall. It is going to be a power-packed crazy fun day at this unique water park.

Cost: INR 2580/ USD 40

18. The Admirallica

Hop on for a day trip to the Pirate’s cruise! The crew dressed in colonial-era attires, the disco foam party, buffet lunch and breakfast and speedboat tours of the nearby islands is sure to give everyone in the family a unique fun experience.


There is nothing that can have the family in splits, like kids playing captain jack sparrow from the pirates movie.

Cost: INR 3200/ 50 USD for adults and INR 1600/USD 25 for kids aged 7 – 12 and free for kids under 7

19. Pattaya Kart Speedway

Go-kart racing is loved by youngsters, kids, and adults, alike.  A family-friendly, guaranteed fun activity is the Kart racing at Pattaya Kart Speedway.

Go Karting

There are little cute karts especially for the kids or two-seater karts for the parents to drive along with their kids.

You can also go for paintball which is offered right at the Kart Speedway.

Cost: Starts at INR 1000/ USD 15

20. Tuxedo Illusion Hall

Tuxedo Illusion hall hosts the perfect magic show with effective lighting, sounds, and of course cool magicians with awesome tricks up their sleeves. Do you love magic too? Then, you’ll probably have just as much fun as your kids!

Tuxedo Illusion Hall

Cost: Starts at INR 492/ USD 8

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