20 Things to do in Krabi with Family

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Travelling to Krabi with your family? You couldn’t have made a better choice. With postcard perfect beaches, unparalleled scenic beauty, beautiful resorts and loads of attractions, it makes for a perfect holiday retreat. If your little ones are tagging along, there are plenty of kid-friendly activities to keep them occupied and keep you stress free. So dig out our compilation of 20 Amazing things to do in Krabi with your family.

1. Chill at Ao Nang Beach

Ao Nang is the liveliest beach in Krabi and also the most popular one.The beach is lined with sundecks where you can just lie down and sip on some chilled juice. If you want to splash about, its turquoise waters are ideal to enjoy a cool swim.

Ao Nang

2. Take a boat and go to Railay beach

Railay beach is simply the most stunning beach that you would come across. In fact it is often considered to be among the best beaches in the world.Cut off from the mainland, you have to take a boat to reach it, giving it the feel of a private island.

Railay Beach

The towering limestone formations which wrap around the beach are famous for their rock climbing routes. If you are not an adventurer, you can paddle a kayak in the ocean or just lie down on the beach and gaze at the sparkling blue waters.

3. Take a dip in the emerald pool and the hot water spring.

Krabi has quite a few national parks and contained in these jungles are its hidden gems. The Emerald pool, true to its name lures travelers with changing shades of its waters. As the sun hovers over the pool, it changes color – a phenomenon that has to be seen to be believed.

emerald pool

A short walk from the pool takes you to a natural jacuzzi, a hot water spring, forming shallow pools at its bottom. A refreshing dip in its hot waters is the best way to end a sweaty walk through the forest.

4. Go on a island hopping jaunt on the 4 island tour

The 4 island tour is one of the most popular ones in Krabi. As the name suggests, it takes you to four small, yet beautiful islands, all surrounded by shimmering blue waters.

4 island Tour

Snorkeling in these waters is the highlight of the trip. At low tides, you could even walk from one island to the other along its narrow sandbars.

If you don’t want to be among the flock of tourists on these tours, you can hire a boat, a guide and hit these islands all by yourself.

5. Head to the famous James Bond Island

James bond island is probably the most popular island surrounding Krabi, its ticket to fame being featured in a James Bond movie (The man with the golden gun).

James Bond Island

Of course, you can do more than just click an instagram worthy selfie here. You can marvel the limestone outcrops jutting from the see, specially the funnel shaped one which magically stands on the water despite having a narrow bottom.

You can also discover tonnes of caves, mangroves and beaches by leisurely kayaking in the waters.

6. Gape in awe at the surreal beauty of Phi Phi island

Another celebrity in the island world, Phi Phi rose to fame after Di Caprio fell in love with it in the movie, The Beach. Tucked between two picturesque bays, Phi Phi’s unbelievably green waters are some of the best diving sites in Thailand.

Maya Bay

The island’s biggest draw is Maya Bay, a green lagoon hidden from view by imposing limestone towers. The color of its waters will put an emerald to shame, the landscape with hidden coves is just out of this world.

Although phi phi deserves at least a couple of days, if you don’t have the time for it, just go for a day trip.

7. Take a stroll around Krabi town

Krabi town is great place to get a flavor of authentic Thai culture. The town has retained its old world charm despite the commercialization.

Krabi Town

The town is lined with charming bars, quaint cafes and beautiful parks. Its night markets are a major hit among travelers. If you are weary from a day’s travel, just chill at any bar you fancy.

8. Quench your shopping pangs at the various popular night markets

Krabi’s quirky night markets are the best places for some street shopping. These markets sell everything from cheap shoes, second hand t-shirts, funky accessories, cheap souvenirs to electronics.

Krabi Weekend Walking Street

The street food at these markets will drive your taste buds into overdrive. The stalls sell an array of mouthwatering dishes from barbecued meat, delectable desserts, exotic fruits, coconut drinks, fruit shakes to Thai ice teas.

9. Bask in the spiritual vibes at the Tiger temple

If you are up for a physical challenge for some fantastic views, then how about climbing a thousand steps of the tiger temple?

Tiger Cave Temple

If you manage to reach the top, you will see a giant shimmering Golden Buddha statue. From the platform, you will also get a birds eye view of Krabi’s scenic beauty, a much deserved reward for your efforts.

10. Go kayaking in the dense mangroves at Ao Thalane

Krabi has a dense network of mangroves with swamps meandering around them. The best way of exploring them is on a kayak.


Thalane bay is ideal for kayaking, with its hidden coves and famed limestone  karsts. Explore the place as you paddle along leisurely. There are tonnes of guided tours to help you map out a route.

11. Witness the enchanting marine life of Krabi while Scuba Diving

With its lush green tropical forests, clear turquoise water and exotic marine life, Krabi has the perfect backdrop for scuba diving.

Similan Islands

Krabi has innumerable islands around, meaning there are tonnes of diving opportunities. Gliding through the water peacefully while coming face to face with small squids to big ones like stingrays and black tip reef sharks will be the highlight of your trip.

12. Go on a gastronomical ride as you enjoy your dinner at the Grotto

Nestled in a cave under a limestone cliff on Phranang beach, Grotto has a setting unlike any you have seen so far.You should go here just for the ambience.


The luxurious spread of lip smacking food and traditional cocktails mixes will surely take your taste buds on an adventure. Its a great place to take your family along, though it might cost a bomb.

Note: Grotto is only accessible by boat, so remember to book a boat for your return journey.

13. Witness a magical sunset from the deck of a traditional cruise boat

The sunset cruise is a great way for families to spend an evening in the seas. You will sail on a traditional junk boat, one of the last remaining Siamese sailing ones. With its red sails fluttering in the wind, you can relax on its deck while absorbing the scenic beauty around you.

Sunset Cruise

If you want some adventure, you can cliff dive, snorkel and swim in the bio-luminescent waters. Or you could just relax on the deck, sip on some cocktails and watch the sunset.

14. Relax in the lap of nature at Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok is one of the largest national parks in Thailand, attracting travelers from around the world. Rich in its diversity, it is home to bears, leopards,elephants, gibbons and tonnes of birds. You will also find the largest flower in the world – Rafflesia, while exploring it on foot.

Khao Sok

If you are a nature lover, exploring the jungles of Khao Sok national park will delight you. You can hike in this endless rainforest and discover caves, waterfalls or just leisurely canoe along a river. Or you could just camp on floating rafthouses on an emerald green lake while listening to nature’s music.

15. Get dazzled by the glamorous Illumanorah Show

Held at Paka Show Park, Illumanorah Show is a cultural show that tells the story of Thailand through a traditional dance performance, with all the artists dressed up as birds.


The show is a riot of colors and the glitter, music, choreography and lighting create one eye popping spectacle.

16. Check out the Wat Kaew Temple

Krabi doesn’t have too many temples, but if you want to see a beautiful, calm temple, then Wat Kaew is a good choice. The temple is white in colour with a golden dragon slithering down its staircase, the first thing you will notice.

Wat Kaew

The inner sanctum has a golden Buddha statue. You would be surprised to see beautiful peacocks outside,proudly strutting their stuff.

17. Discover the rain forests from the canopy at Krabi Fun Park

Krabi fun park is an adventure land for kids. The creative theme park has some of the coolest rides out there. You can zoom from one treetop to another by zip lining, ride a bicycle in the air or a Harry Potter-themed broomstick.

Krabi fun park

The rides are totally safe and apart from being fun, they offer a good view of the rain forests from the canopy.

Note: Only children taller than 120 cm are allowed on these rides

18. Meet cute Elephants at the Krabi Elephant Sanctuary

Krabi Elephant sanctuary is the closest you can get to these gentle giants in their natural habitat. The highlight of going here is getting to bathe these beautiful animals.

Krabi Elephant Sanctuary

They are quite playful and will let anyone give them a scrub, sit on their back and they will even spray you with water from their trunks, all in good fun of course. This serves as a delightful experience, especially for the kids.

19. Drive amidst the limestone cliffs at Krabi Kart Speedway

Which kid doesn’t have a need for speed? Well let them go all out at the Krabi Kar Speedway. With tracks passing amidst gigantic limestone cliffs, even adults would enjoy driving here. You just need to pick out their double-seat karts.

Krabi Kart speedway

While you are here, check out the Krabi Paintball park to have a gala time there.

20. Hang out with your kids at the Ao Nam Mao Outdoor Aquarium

This little known attraction in Krabi, specializes in breeding endangered species in large salt water lakes, lying near the coast. It is run by the Thai government and is a cool place to hang out with your family.

Krabi Aquarium

Right from small fishes to sharks and turtles are bred here before being released into their natural habitat. It’s a great place to learn about wildlife preservation!

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