5 Amazing Night Markets in Phuket you should not miss

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The bustling stalls, the riot of colors, the fresh smell of the exotic street food and an incredible array of cheap finds and funky souvenirs make the night markets in Phuket nothing less than a shopping carnival. If you want an authentic experience on your Thailand trip, you must check out these 5 amazing night markets in Phuket.

1. Phuket Walking Street Market

The presence of colonial buildings and stalls selling traditional Thai food and unique handicrafts make this a must visit in Phuket. Also referred as Lard Yai by the locals, Phuket Walking Street Market has a cultural vibe to it.

Phuket Walking Street Market

The houses facing the market are enhanced by color changing light effects ranging from purple to blue to green. Although food and souvenirs are the main items sold in the market, you can also get a range of things like customized flip flops, fancy accessories, marinières and traditional Thai medicines.

Don’t forget to Indulge yourself in scrumptious street food like Barbecue squid, Khanom and tonnes of delectable Thai cuisines. You can wash it all down with some fresh cocktails.

How to get there: Its located at Thalang road. It can be reached from Patong by tuk-tuk/songthaew in 30 minutes
Opening hours: Only on Sunday from 16:00 hours to 22:00 hours.

2. Phuket Weekend Market

Being the largest night market on the island, Phuket Weekend Market sells everything from dodgy electronic items to adorable stuffed toys.

Phuket Weekend Market

A lot of first copy products and pirated DVDs are sold here at dirt cheap prices. They sell tonnes of interesting stuff, a lot of which you may not buy – like live animals. But it makes for an interesting evening.

And when it comes to food, the entire market is a gastronomical paradise. The best way to explore the market would be by walking around and trying something from one food stall to another.

Gorge on buttered corn, spicy sausages, grilled chicken, exotic fruits and if you are feeling a little adventurous, deep fried insects. There is ice-cold beer to go with all of this mouth watering food.

How to get there: It is located at Chao Fa West Road. Its an half an hour drive from Patong by tuk-tuk/songthaew.
Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 16:00 hours to 22:00 hours.

3. Phuket Indy Night Market

Phuket Indy Night Market is called in Thai as ‘laadploykong’ (a market to let go of your goods). True to its name, you can spot jeans, flip-flops, shoes and ladies’ bags made from water hyacinth.

Phuket Indy Market

Photo Via tatguru

Its a good place to buy customized products like handmade key rings. You can even get your name stenciled on a rice grain, to be used as a pendant or a bracelet.

If you want a memorable souvenir, check out the artist booths for some caricatures and portraits of yourself. Another highlight of the market are live performances by bands as well as solo singers.

We recommend coming here with an appetite as there are lots of snacks to munch on. Try the Thai spicy salad , fried fish-paste balls, chicken barbecue and crispy gyoza (a kind of Chinese dumpling).

Also, don’t miss Thai-style chicken kebabs. Served with Pita bread, it will have your taste buds in a frenzy. If you have a sweet tooth, try soft sponge cake and Thai-style crepes. A perfect way to end the food tour!!

How to get there: Located at Limelight Avenue, its an half an hour drive from Patong by tuk-tuk/songthaew.
Opening hours: Thursday and Friday from 16:00 hours to 22:00 hours

4. Chillva Night Market 

Chillva Night Market is a trendy night market and one of the most popular ones on the island. It has a young and refreshing vibe to it. Most of the products on sale are original (not branded), making this different from a typical night market in Thailand.

Chillva Market

The entire market is colorful and lit, with shipping containers being creatively used as shopfronts. At the center of the market is a small pond and an amphitheater which sees live music when the market is in full swing.

It has a more local vibe to it than most markets, with most goods aimed at hip local teenagers. You can get good-quality fashionable t-shirts, sunglasses and handmade beauty products.

If you are not into shopping, you can hangout in funky pubs, chic coffee shops, ice cream shops or savour some of the lip smacking street food.

How to get there: Its at Phuket Town, a 25 minute ride from Patong by tuk tuk/ Songthaew
Opening hours: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 17:00 hours to 23:00 hours

5. Malin Plaza Patong

Covered under a giant metal roof, Malin Plaza is a shopping hub in Patong. You will find everything found in other night markets, be it t-shirts, denims, beachwear, bags, spa products or a good range of trinkets and souvenirs.

Malin Plaza

It has an edge though – the shirt designs are a little rarer, the souvenirs are of better quality and some of the local markets have a tailor’s shop. So its a good place to search for something different.

The highlight of the market, like any night market in Thailand is the food. You get everything from Thai fried chicken, crepes, fresh ice cream, sushi, 90-baht cocktails to fresh fruits. There are some stalls which serve Halal food

And don’t miss the array of delectable desserts like the mango sticky rice, fruit pancakes, ice cream Teppanyaki, and banana Nutella. They are just divine!!!

How to get there: Its a 10 minute from Patong by tuk tuk/ Songthaew
Opening hours: Every day from 14:00 hours to 24:00 hours

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