8 Truly Offbeat Things To Do In Nusa Penida

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Bali has a bunch of exciting experiences to offer you. But, if you want a truly offbeat adventure, travel to Nusa Penida, an island on the east coast of Bali. Nusa Penida is only about a 45-minute ferry ride from the mainland. Yet, most of this place still remains untouched and unique, giving you the essence of a raw island vibe.

Here, you’ll get to tap into some pretty unusual experiences like swimming with manta rays and exploring hidden beaches. So, bring along your adventurous side, and discover these 8 things you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing only in Nusa Penida.

1. Swim With Manta Rays

Nusa Penida has a thriving marine life, but what makes exploring the waters around this island so unique are the giant manta rays that swim here. These huge underwater creatures are majestic and harmless.

You can go snorkelling or diving around their feeding ground to swim with the mantas. The water here is clear on most days, so you’ll also get to see a bunch of other marine creatures and beautiful corals.

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Cost: Snorkeling packages start from IDR 2,00,000 (Rs 955, or US$ 14), and diving packages from IDR 3,00,000 (Rs 1,430, or US$21) for the whole tour

2. Chill With Underwater Buddhas

The Nusa Penida snorkelling and diving tour consists of several points. One unique spot is the underwater temple garden. The sea life around looks pretty normal when you get there, but once you jump into the water, you’ll be overwhelmed to see a number of submerged Buddha statues lined up beautifully.

Over the years, these structures have become home to a variety of fish and coral life that makes exploring this underwater temple garden a lot more exciting.

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Cost: Snorkelling packages start from IDR 2,00,000 (Rs 955, or US$ 14), and diving packages from IDR 3,00,000 (Rs 1,430, or US$21) for the whole tour

3. Explore A T-Rex Shaped Cliff

This Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex)-shaped cliff has become part of every Bali travel brochure, but not many people know that this beautiful point is not on the mainland of Bali but in Nusa Penida.

This place is called Kelingking secret point, and you can drive to this spot to arrive on the top side of the cliff, where you can see the T-Rex shaped ridge. There’s something about this limestone cliff, covered with greenery, standing by the crystal-blue waters that make it a very unique sight you’ll never want to forget.

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Cost: Entrance for IDR 5,000 (Rs 25, or US$0.5)

4. Visit A Secret Beach

The Kelingking secret point not only offers you an incredible view, but also an adventure if you dare. At the edge of the T-Rex viewing point, there is a locally made railing that takes you down to a secret beach, known as Kelingking Beach, hidden between the cliffs.

It is a steep descent and is only recommended for the fit. However, once you get to the bottom, it’ll be worth all the effort. Here, you’ll find untouched sands and crystal-clear waters. When you look around, nature seems almost surreal.

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Cost: Entrance for IDR 5,000 (Rs 25, or US$0.5)

5. Swim In A Natural Infinity Pool

It doesn’t get any more unique than this natural infinity pool. Angel’s Billabong is an infinity pool formed from a pattern of erosions in the volcanic rock of the island. This not-so-little indent refills with seawater, forming a beautiful pool on the edge of the ocean.

Depending on the tide, you can get into the pool to take a dip, or swim. However, do not step into it if the tide is rough, as the ocean current could sweep you away.

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Cost: Entrance for IDR 5,000 (Rs 25, or US$0.5)

6. Catch The Sunrise At A Secluded Beach

Most travellers explore the west coast of Nusa Penida, as it is closer to the ports. Here, you can catch the sunset at Crystal bay along with the rest of the tourists.

However, for a more unique experience, go and catch the sunrise on the east coast. Only a brave few travel to this side of the island, and the beaches here are almost secluded and untouched. The two most accessible beaches here are Atuh beach and Suwehan beach.

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Cost: Entrance for IDR 10,000 (Rs 50, or US$1)

7. Explore Teletubbies Hill

Do you remember the Teletubbies show, where the Teletubbies lived on a green hill? Well, if you travel to Nuda Penida, you might be lucky enough to spend a few hours exploring the same hilly greenery.

This hill on the island got its name from the visiting tourists who found its resemblance to the green dunes on the show. Located in Tanglad Village, getting here can be a bit of a trek – but the natural beauty and fresh air make it worth all the effort.

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Cost: Entrance for IDR 10,000 (Rs 50, or US$1)

8. Live On A Hill Overlooking The Sea

Living the island life is a bit incomplete if you’re not waking up on a hill overlooking the sea, and there are a few hotels here that give you that beautiful experience.

Semabu Hills is one such hotel that’s built on a hill overlooking the sea. It has an infinity pool too from where you can watch the beautiful sunset.

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Cost: Doubles from IDR 1,430,000 (Rs 6,800, or US$ 100)

Travelling Around Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is not as developed as Bali. The roads here are not completely done up, and are quite rough at places. If you want to explore this island on your own, you could rent a car or a bike. However, do so only if you’re absolutely confident even on bad roads.

Otherwise, you can opt for a car with a driver to drive you around. If you’re travelling solo, you also have the option to hire a motorbike with a rider to ride you around. You’ll find several tourist guides offering your transport options at the port you arrive. Your hotel will also be able to offer you such services.

Travel Tips

  • The phone signals aren’t too strong around the island, so if you’re going to GPS your way through Nusa Penida make sure you download offline maps to route your journey.
  • Since this is an island with whirling roads, the travel time to get from one place to another might be much longer than the time estimated on the map.
  • Carry around loose change as many of these attractions have a small entrance fee.

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