8 White Sand Beaches in Phuket That You Need To Check Out

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Being a tropical island, Phuket’s top vacation attractions are its beaches. There are so many varied beaches covering the entire coastline that you need to definitely pick out the ones which you want to visit. While all the beaches are pristine, they offer different things for different travellers. Yet one thing that stands out as a must-have is soft, powdery white sands, which really is most iconic of Phuket. Here’s a list of the best white sand beaches for you to choose from.

1. Bang Tao

One of the longest beaches in Phuket, the Bang Tao beach is about six kilometres long. Here you can be assured that you have a quiet spot to yourself to enjoy the beach thoroughly. It is one of the prettier beaches of Phuket with calm and warm waters. What’s more, it is fun for the entire family, including kids. It has recently become a trendy and upscale beach due to many high-end resorts lined there along with attractions like a private golf course, wakeboarding, horseback riding, and beach clubs to choose from.

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What to do at Bang Tao beach: You can go for kayaking, windsurfing, paragliding or even practice your wakeboarding. There are also massage parlours lined up through the beach. End your day here with a choice of many beach clubs and dining options to indulge your taste buds.
How to reach: Take a metered taxi from Phuket International Airport for a half hour ride to Bang Tao. Once you reach Thalang, look for its intersection and follow the sign to Laguna Phuket which will take you to Bang Tao Beach.

2. Nai Harn

If you are looking for the whitest sand beach in Phuket, Nai Harn beach is the one. The beach is in a sheltered bay where you will find boats anchored in calm, azure blue waters. It has a very gently sloping soft seabed with lifeguards stationed which makes it suitable to go to with kids.

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What to do at Nai Harn: Spend an evening by the beach to view the lovely sunset among the surrounding clouds. If it gets windy, you can try kite-surfing and stand-up paddleboarding. It is great to go swimming and snorkelling here, especially in the months of November to April.
How to reach: Located in the Muang District, Nai Harn is a common destination, so you can take a songthaew (bus) from Phuket Town.

3. Karon

You’ve heard of white sand, but Karon beach has the squeakiest white sand. As soon as you step on it, you’ll hear a funny sound from this fine and soft sand. This beach is also almost perfectly straight all through its length of 3.3 kilometres. This popular family beach has something for everyone- so while you sunbathe while listening to the waves, the kids can play in the sand and build sand castles too.

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What to do at Karon beach: It makes a good spot to play volleyball with nets put up along the northern part. It’s best to take an evening stroll alongside the beach and shop at the popular Karon Bazaar. If nothing else, you can try snorkelling and diving here.
How to reach: Go to the downtown market at Phuket Town and take a private taxi to reach Karon beach.

4. Kata

Kata beach is the second-most popular beach in Phuket after Patong. It is also known to be one of the most laid-back beaches and refreshingly, have no tall buildings around. Instead, you will find the beach lined with palm trees to cool you down as you sunbathe. At its north end, you can see colourful long-tailed boats anchored to the shore. It is not too crowded most of the times, so you can just grab a coconut from one of the stalls and relax and watch the world go by.

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What to do at Kata beach: In the low season (July to October) you can go surfing, while in the high season you can try snorkelling. It also has a lively but not raucous nightlife. While here, you can visit the Dino Park, Surf House, Kata View Point or the Kata Temple.
How to reach: Take a small open-air bus from Phuket Town’s old bus terminal number one or from the Day Market at Ranong St.

5. Kata Noi

Right next to Kata beach is the Kata Noi (literally translating to ‘little Kata’) beach. This short 700 metres strip is also quieter than Kata beach, so you can relax in the quiet atmosphere laying in the finest white sands. You won’t find any beach vendors here, which gives it a feel of a private beach.

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What to do at Kata Noi beach: It is an exceptional spot for surfers as the waves tend to be relatively large during the low season (July to October). Before you venture in to swim though, take a look around to ensure that the water is not teeming with jellyfish, a common occurrence on this beach.
How to reach: To get to Kata Noi, reach Kata beach from Phuket Town in an open-air bus. Then walk the narrow beach road up over the hill.

6. Surin

Classily lined by luxury resorts and homes, Surin beach is nicknamed the ‘Millionaire’s Row’. It is a clean and relatively uncrowded beach which is about one kilometre long. Here, the sand is fine and white, and the sea is bright blue and clear. You may also spot a celebrity here, so keep your camera handy.

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What to do at Surin beach: If the weather is right, you can even go parasailing or jet skiing. Owing to the posh locality, you will find yourself in the lap of luxury when you go to any of the high-end restaurants and wine bars here.
How to reach: Hire a private taxi or tuk-tuk to get here from Kamala beach which will take you about 15 minutes. It is also a 20-minute drive from Phuket airport. 

7. Patong 

One of the most popular beaches among tourists due to its proximity to hotels, Patong is known as the party capital of Asia. It’s beach is 2.5 kilometres long and can boast of a consistently lively atmosphere. Go there if you want to experience the people and the loud and crowded setting. If shopping makes you happy then know that hawkers begin setting up the market at about 6 pm and stay till late.

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What to do at Patong beach: The town just behind the beach has the best of nightlife in all of Phuket, along with some great restaurants too. You’ll find an array of cuisines to choose from like Arabic, French, German, Indian, and many others. You can try your bargaining skills at the beach-side night bazaar.
How to reach: Travel from Phuket airport to Patong in a private vehicle for about 45 minutes. If you are traveling early morning, you can also take the Airport Bus Express. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Phuket Town to Patong.

8. Freedom

A short drive away from Patong beach is Freedom beach —a much quieter, secluded white sand beach in Phuket. Accessing the beach is somewhat difficult, but when you arrive there, you’ll immediately notice the crystal-clear water, clean white sand, and a backdrop of palm trees. There aren’t many restaurants here, so we would suggest that you carry your own food and drink.

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What to do at Freedom beach: There is an area cordoned off for snorkelling at your leisure. You can also sunbathe or swim in the clear water.
How to reach: The best way to reach Freedom beach is via long-tail boat from south end of Patong beach, although it would be a bit expensive. Or you can take the road for about two kilometres south from Patong. And, from there, you can walk down to the beach along a steep trail for 10 minutes. You will need to pay an entrance fee of about THB 200 (Rs. 450 or US$ 6).

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