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A Little French Trip

Having returned from Kiev and Chernobyl with my radiation levels under control I set off for a driving trip through France and Italy with a group of friends. ▲ First it was Eurotunnel under the Channel then along the autoroute to Gevrey Chambertin. ◄ Yes we’re in wine country ▲ More driving, but now on […]

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Lonely Planet Kids: poetry competition

At Lonely Planet Kids we love poetry, especially poetry for children and especially poetry for children that relates to travel. So we asked Kirstie Pelling, a poet and co-author of the Family Adventure Project blog, to be our poet-in-residence for six months. Kirstie has been writing poems on a cities theme and we’ve been sharing …

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LP Kids activity: make mess-free tomatoes for La Tomatina festival

On the last Wednesday in August, the town of Buñol in Spain turns red and squishy as thousands of people take to the streets for the world’s biggest food fight! More than 100 tons of tomatoes are thrown and competitors get covered head to toe in the space of an hour. The tomato-tastic tradition has …

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Just back from… Vancouver, Canada

AnneMarie McCarthy, Social News Coordinator at Lonely Planet, is just back from an action-packed trip to Vancouver. Tell us more… I was in Vancouver for just over a week visiting friends who moved there 18 months ago. We went camping in the spectacular Tofino district on Vancouver Island for three days, then went back to …

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Quiz: what type of packer are you?

Travellers revere the art of packing a perfect bag. Some revel at the challenge; others approach it with a shiver of trepidation. Temperament aside, all of us bring our own technique to bear on this fundamental stage of the journey. Do you obsess over what to put in your bag or case, or is yours …

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