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Taking the Eurostar from Paris to London – What to Expect

There truly is something irresistibly romantic about the idea of train travel in Europe, isn’t there? I’ve admittedly done rather extensive, practical research on the process and rode trains in about a dozen countries across the Old Continent (using a Eurail pass most of the time), which I can partly attribute to my fear of […]

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Cruise to Lysefjorden

It is late November, freezing cold and it had snowed last night as I make my way to the port of Stavanger to start my day cruise to Lysefjord. The wild and dramatic fjord cuts its way 40 km into the country between steep mountains. The Lysefjord is car…

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Just back from… Portugal and Spain

Joe Davis, Online Marketing Coordinator at Lonely Planet, is just back from a flash road trip through Portugal and Spain. Tell us more… I spent a weekend in Lisbon before driving 800 miles down the west coast of Portugal, through the Algarve to Seville and back. While in Lisbon I was staying in a huge …

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A Little French Trip

Having returned from Kiev and Chernobyl with my radiation levels under control I set off for a driving trip through France and Italy with a group of friends. ▲ First it was Eurotunnel under the Channel then along the autoroute to Gevrey Chambertin. ◄ Yes we’re in wine country ▲ More driving, but now on […]

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Hovercraft – hovering to the Isle of Wight

Remember hovercraft? Those air-cushion vehicles or ACVs were going to take over the world at one point, but today there’s only one passenger carrying service remaining. Until this week my last hovercraft trip was between Macau and Hong Kong 30 years ago. We’d got stuck in Macau, pinned down by a cyclone, and when the […]

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