Easy Ways To Travel From Krabi To Koh Samui

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When taking a trip to Thailand, a must-see for all tourists are the quaint and fascinating islands of Koh Samui and Krabi. And often these two are combined when on a tour as both have a unique display of Thailand’s natural wonders. A traveller gets to experience distinct waters, marine life, cultures and natural environment at both venues.

Only 270 kilometres away, these two destinations are connect via airways, road and water. And we tell you the fastest, most convenient and cheapest way to get from Krabi to Koh Samui and back.

Flights from Koh Samui to Krabi: Fastest Alternative

Taking a flight to Krabi from Koh Samui is the fastest alternative to reach there. It’s a 50 minute commute and the airports at both places are modern, convenience and have easy accessibility from other parts of the island. This especially works for Krabi as most resorts are on the mainland close to the airport.  

However while this may be the fastest, it is also the most expensive and not necessarily convenient to all. The airfare costs almost US$100 one way, which is expensive for budget travellers as well as locals. In addition, there is only one fight in a day during tourist season, not even throughout the year. So even if you do manage to fit the tickets in your budget, you might end up spending time in figuring out the right schedule to fit your flight.

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Cost: US$ 100 (Rs 7000, THB 3237)

Intercity Bus + Ferry Combo from Koh Samui to Krabi: Cheap and Convenient

Another alternative to the commute between the two destinations is of course the water. Taking a ferry across the two places, is the cheapest option to travel. It takes about two hours of ferry time, in addition to the transfers to and from port but it costs less than half of the flight. Plus, the ferry timings are flexible and many slots are available during the day for the tourists. The local ferry companies offer air-conditioned and regular vessels for tourists and cargo to travel between Koh Samui and Krabi.

In combination to the ferry, you need to choose between bus, taxi or self-driven car to take you to the ferry point.

1. By Bus:

The government buses in Thailand are extremely cheap and reliable when it comes to transfers in the country. Plus, you can these luxury buses offer good comfort to the tourists to rest while they reach their destination.

However, they have fixed timings and few buses are employed through the day so you might find only two or three slots for your schedule. In addition, they are quite slow as they stop at every location to pick up passengers. You may also need to find transportation to the local bus terminal.

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Timing: You might take anywhere between six to eight hours to reach the ferry terminal.
Cost: Combination of bus fare and ferry fare starts at Rs 1000 (US$ 14, TBH 453)

2. By Taxi or Transfers:

This the best option for travellers to reach the ferry terminal in a decent budget. Here you have hire a mini-bus, taxi or hire a car to self-drive across Koh Samui.

The mini-bus or shared taxi picks up a limited number of passengers from their destination, hence might take longer to start your trip towards ferry. But it is still faster than the bus, as the companies usually plan to group passengers from a certain area. This is slightly more expensive than the government bus, but it is worth as you may end up saving more time on your trip

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Timing: You may take about two to four hours to reach your destination
Cost: Combination of private/shared transfers and ferry fare starts at Rs 1500 (US$ 20, TBH 647)

Things to keep in mind:

– When choosing a trip to Koh Samui or Krabi, remember to be ready for the trip at least 30 minutes before time. The government buses and even ferries sometime tend to work at erratic timings. Plus, your shared transfer or bus will take detours to the hotel to pick up passengers.

– While it is safer to book all your transportation online from reliable companies, sometimes you will find good deals on streets with local stores. However, it is advised that you check with your hotel or a local host about its authenticity. Some kiosks and stores and legit and have good offers for tourists

– Always double check you pick up and drop points. Some companies offer door-to-door services, while others tend to make you walk to a popular point. You can coordination the same on the phone with your booking company.

– Koh Samui has Nathan Pier, while the entry toward Krabi is at Donsak Pier. Keep this in mind while booking your ferry rides. The drop off point for the bus at Krabi could anywhere in the town as per your accommodation.

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