Ice Skating in the tropics at Jumeirah Vittaveli

by on 23/12/17 at 4:29 pm

Renowned for year-round equatorial sunshine and its noticeable absence of snowy winter months, tropical Maldives is the last place you’d expect to go ice skating. But you can now add that to your bucket list of holiday experiences in the Maldives; that is if you’re staying at Jumeirah Vittaveli.

This December Jumeirah Vittaveli introduced their very own ice rink to celebrate Christmas. Normally, ice rinks are constructed with a layer of frozen water on top. But since this is impractical in the Maldives where the temperature lingers between 27°C and 30°C, Jumeirah Vittaveli has come up with the novel idea of making their ice rink with artificial ‘ice’ plates which are actually made of plastic. It doesn’t require either electricity or water to function. To all intents and appearances, you can break out your ice skating moves and feel like it’s the real deal. How cool is that?

Another important aspect of the artificial ice rink is that it is environmentally sustainable. According to Jumeirah Vittaveli, the ice rink requires zero-energy levels to function. The artificial ice plates were manufactured by Swiss company Glice, which claims that their products don’t impose common problems faced while skating on artificial ice rinks, such as increased friction.

Jumeirah Vittaveli, part of the world-famous Dubai-based Jumeirah Group, is appreciated by all who choose it for their Maldives vacation for two main reasons: the impeccable luxury on offer, and the surprising rate of new developments.

“We have many guests who keep coming back to us and I often hear that one of the reasons for their returns is that they love to be surprised by our updates and developments each time they come,” said Jumeirah Vittaveli’s General Manager Amit Majumder. “Apart from the ice rink, we have some exciting changes in our rooms and dining outlets upcoming, which we will announce in the near future.”

The news of more developments in choices of accommodation is exciting in itself. Currently, the island resort boasts 43 thatched villas – each with a view of the beach and housing its very own garden and pool – along with 39 Water villas where the turquoise water of the lagoon swirls literally under your feet. By cashing in a bit more, you can stay at one of the seven Ocean Suites, which are completely secluded and accessible only by boat. Then there’s the vast Royal Residence, a completely exclusive experience with crazy perks worth the US $35,000 per night cost. Judging by Jumeirah Vittaveli’s standards, the new developments will no doubt achieve the resort’s goal to ‘always WOW guests’!

Jumeirah Vittaveli is perfect for couples and families seeking a luxury getaway that grants tropical seclusion as well as excitement. The island resort is just twenty minutes away from the main airport island by speedboat.

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