LP Pathfinders: top posts from January 2016

by on 05/02/16 at 12:04 pm

The floating reed islands of Uros on Lake Titicaca © Sean Caffrey / Getty

The floating reed islands of Uros on Lake Titicaca © Sean Caffrey / Getty

Another month, another Pathfinders round-up where we take a look at the travel tales you’ve been writing about recently. Our ‘best of’ from January meanders on and off the beaten track with posts ranging from cheap eats in London to visiting Peruvian tribes.

All about driving in Cuba – Hugo and Christina

Hugo and Christina provide a detailed insight into the realities of hiring a car in Cuba – from the cost and road conditions to cultural customs – whilst expertly capturing the magic of road tripping this region in their beautiful photographs.

This couple is on a quest to explore the world’s best cultural and natural destinations. Follow their blog at breathewithus.com

Top 10 cheap, delicious restaurants in Central London – Chloe Gunning

For Chloe, budget dinners don’t have to mean basic dishes – even in one of the world’s most expensive cities. Her guide to cheap eats in London covers a mouthwatering selection of meals (many of which come highly recommended by our London team), most for under £10.

After quitting her stressful media job Chloe’s motto is to ‘have more fun’. Follow her blog at wanderlustchloe.com

Planning the perfect Quebec City winter getaway – Justin and Lauren

We couldn’t resist this wintry walk-through of what Quebec has to offer in its winter months. With activities ranging from extreme skiing to visiting frozen waterfalls and Christmas markets there is something here for every traveller looking for a snowy escape.

Canadian couple Justin and Lauren are slowly making their way around the world. Follow their blog at justinpluslauren.com

A homestay on Lake Titicaca – Audrey Bergner

This blog post takes us off the beaten track and into the heart of the amazing places, cultures and communities which exist in, on and around Lake Titicaca. Audrey paints a beautiful picture of her journey and gives you some helpful info to plan your own adventure.

Audrey is currently backpacking around South America. Follow her blog at thatbackpacker.com

Capturing Neuschwanstein – Justin Greak

Coming up against unforeseen barriers and problems is a tale familiar to nearly everyone who has travelled, but Justin shows that perseverance pays off after hitting an unfortunate snag in his quest to photograph this fairy-tale castle.

When he’s not travelling the world, Justin is a fifth grade maths and science teacher. Follow his blog at justingoesplaces.com


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