Our favourite spots in Bergen, part 2

by on 31/10/17 at 12:21 pm

We hope you enjoyed reading about our first five favourite spots in Bergen. Here is the second part.

Credits Cornelius Seafood Restaurant


One of our personal favorite restaurants in Bergen is Cornelius Seafood Restaurant. If you are looking for a romantic evening or a nice evening with friends this is the place to be. The restaurant can only be reached by boat from the city center or by private boat/yacht (in case you have one ?). The restaurant is situated right by the sea on a small island with spectacular views of the fjord, mountains, skerries and passing boats and ships. Inspired by the weather of the day, Cornelius serves its famous Meteorological menu of exquisite seafood and trimmings.  This is really and exotic place and we can promise you a dinner which you will never forget.
Credits: Tore Berntsen
Farmers Market in Bergen
I love shopping on markets and specially to buy local and seasonal products. Did you know that beside the famous fish market that Bergen also has a farmer’s market on some weekends throughout the year? Here you can stroll the market stalls and taste regional products like the famous cheese from Undredal, honey or traditional pastry. It is very easy to get in contact with locals on the market and to really get a feeling for the Norwegian food culture. Why not shop some unique souvenirs on the market?

Credits:   Bergen Tourist Board - visitBergen.com
Pepperkakebyen (Ginger Bread Town)
Here in Bergen we are very proud of our city, and this combined with the start of the Christmas season tends to spark some pretty extraordinary ideas – the world´s largest Gingerbread Town! Ever since 1991, kindergartens and schoolchildren, local businesses and volunteers have participated in the construction of everything from tiny homes, local or international landmarks, cars, boats and trains. So, if you are in Bergen between november 19 and december 31 do not miss to visit Gingerbread Town! We think this is a great way to get into Christmas spirit. 

Credits:   Bergen Tourist Board - visitBergen.com
Gamle Bergen – Old Bergen Museum
If you want to get the feeling how life in Bergen looked like in the eighteenth or nineteenth century we can highly recommend to visit Old Bergen Museum. This is an open air museum where you can experience some of this atmosphere. In beautiful natural surroundings you can meet both masters and servants from the past. You can peak in windows, open doors, and walk into exhibitions and historical interiors. The museum´s “inhabitants” help to bring the site to life and provide answers to some of the questions on how life could have been lived in Bergen one or two hundred years ago. This is both educating and fun for the whole family!

Credits:   Gjertrud Coutinho
Shops inside Bryggen
To many visitors Bryggen is, first and foremost, a facade. The tall and slim wooden houses standing gable to gable along the quayside, seemingly leaning on each other, are a symbol of Bergen. What you don´t see from the street and what is hidden in the small alleys between rows of historic houses are the many shops and artists. Even we locals in Bergen have by far not seen all shops inside Byrggen area. Here you find potters, jewellers and artists as well as textile and leather crafters. So when you visit Bryggen make sure to drop into the small shops and ateliers. They are really worth a visit.