Courtyard Port of Spain presents new Caribbean-inspired rooms

Courtyard Port of Spain is starting 2019 with newly-renovated rooms. The renovation consisted of 119 guest rooms and suites and involved a complete gutting and upgrading of bedrooms and bathrooms with the latest technology innovations.

The new design offers hybrid zones for work, sleep and relaxation. Indirect lighting and neutral tone-on-tone colors makes for a soothing and calm environment. Colors like beige, white, blues and greens are also present to portray the Caribbean destination.

“The rooms are more versatile. The business traveler will have different options to work and relax comfortably. The bathroom now features a large walk-in rain shower, the rooms also have elements inspired by clear woods. The multiple spaces of the new guest rooms are the perfect example to the Courtyard brand identity: Fueled by Passion, the flexibility of the spaces will provide the guests more comfort to be their most creative and successful selves,” commented Nicol Khelawan, General Manager of Courtyard Port of Spain.

Trinidad and Tobago is one of the most wealthiest nations in the Caribbean, where the tourism industry is growing and represents an important part of the islands economy. With beautiful white beaches and natural landscapes, the country is also known for its annual Carnival celebration as well as being the birthplace of Caribbean rhythms as the calypso.

Courtyard Port of Spain located in the capital of the country is 45 minutes from the Piarco International Airport and 10 minutes from the City Centre.

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25 Beautiful Resorts In Thailand That Are Perfect For A Dream Family Vacation

Travelling with the entire family or with children can be a special vacation or holiday experience. Many hotels in Thailand make it easier to do so with a wide range of services and facilities that are catered for the entire family. Thailand has long been a top travel destination for many families around the world and these accommodations have special amenities that are geared towards entertaining children and adults separately, as well as a few family-oriented activities. For your next family trip, here are the top family resorts in Thailand.

1. The Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort & Spa, Bangkok

The Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort & Spa is a luxury resort situated just of outside central Bangkok and overlooks the Chao Phraya River. With a full-service spa, large outdoor pool flanked by lounges and palm trees, cooking and yoga classes, this resort has enough amenities to keep all families entertained. For its special little guests, there is the Chang Noi Kids’ Club that has activities such as table tennis and bracelet making. 


The Best Restaurants in Dubai and What To Eat There

The unique culture of Dubai encompasses its delicious cuisine and amazing culinary experiences. The restaurants in the “city of gold” serve cuisines from all around the world, including its own Arabian specialties. Dubai also has the resources to import the best chefs and restaurant chains from around the world, adding to the city’s culinary prestige. These restaurants not only cater to your taste buds with delicious food but also feature stunning décor and amazing views that combine for an unforgettable culinary experience. Here are the best restaurants in Dubai.


What To Do in Dubai in 3-5 Days

Dubai is quickly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Over the last decade, the city of gold has been consistently ranked in the top 20 most visited cities in the world. Shopping facilities, its unique culture along with the new and modern tourist attractions are the things that make this city so popular. It can be overwhelming trying to decide just what to see and do on a trip to Dubai, so we’ve made it easier. If you have three to five days in Dubai, here are all the best and most exciting things to see and do. Take your pick!


21 Amazing Things That You Can Do In Koh Samui

Before landing in Thailand, you probably heard a lot about a place called Koh Samui. Most of what you heard must be to do with beaches, lounging and partying. But that’s just three of the many things you can do here. If you are wondering what else is there to do, here’s an interesting list of 21 things that will help you get to know Koh Samui really well!

1. Visit the Secret Buddha Garden

Sitting on top of the Pom mountain is the sculpture garden which is also popularly known as the Tarnim Magic Garden. It is a private garden built by a 77-year-old farmer in 1976. And, he continued to tend to it till the time he turned 91. Sculptures of Buddha in various states and of that of the farmer’s parents are found here. All these grant a magical ambience to the place. And even though the road here is not easy, this magical garden is visited by hordes of tourists every year.

2. Explore Angthong Marine Park

This Marine National Park in the Gulf of Thailand wraps around 42 islands. It was established in November 1980. Locale of the Emerald Lake here was used in Hollywood movie ‘The Beach,’ and when you arrive here you will know why. In all its remoteness, the National Park is a beautiful page with islands scattered all over the clear waters.

3. Go Diving

Your Thailand experience is incomplete without diving. And the best diving spots lie within 60 kilometers of Koh Samui. You have boats available to take you to the diving sites that are spectacular. So, when you are here, make it a point to dive into the deep blue sea. It takes close to 50 minutes to complete one dive. Before hopping on the boat, check if you have your identity proofs and safety protocols in place.

4. Get A Relaxing Thai Massage

The best way to relax is to have a massage. The ambience of Koh Samui makes a massage experience in this part of Thailand even better. The soothing touch complements the peaceful ambience of the place. So, if your frayed nerves need some relief, head over to a masseuse.

5. Stretch With Thai Yoga

If you want to amp up a massage experience, follow it up the next day with yoga. Here professionals will bend, twist and stretch you to straighten any knots that might have remained to improve the blood circulation. It is a great way to end the tour of the the place, feeling refreshed and relaxed.

6. Visit The Big Buddha

Wat Phra Yai is the temple of the Big Buddha situated on the island of Koh Samui. It is a 12-meter tall golden statue of Buddha. If you approach Samui through a flight, you will be able to spot it from your window too. The temple was constructed in 1972 and depicts Buddha in meditation

7. Tour On A Paddle Boat

While you are aware of the usual walking tours, here a tour with a twist that is offered in Koh Samui. This is a tour on the paddle boat, where you explore your surroundings while standing up on a paddle boat. With life jackets and a tour guide in place, we say it’s a great way to move around when in Koh Samui.

8. Dine At The Thai Experience

If you want to taste a Thai meal in all its vibrant glory, step into the Thai Experience. This is as communal as you can get. You will share a table with 25 other travellers and will be taken along the whole course of the meal with an expert. The banter is loud, food delicious, and the table throbbing with travel tales. If you love socialising, this is a must-visit.

9. Find Peace At Laem Sor Pagoda

If you are looking for a place to meditate, or just a place of silence, head to this pagoda. Situated by the water bank, Laem Sor Pagoda is perfect to bring the stillness back into your life. In the background, you hear the gentle waves crashing, which complete the experience.

10. Play Golf

Playing Golf in Koh Samui has its benefits, of which the biggest one is the view. When here, and if you have some extra hours to kill, take a stroll around the golf course to experience this different side of Thailand.

11. Visit The Mummified Monk

The monk Phra Khru Samathakittikhun was mummified at the Wat Khunaram. He became a monk late in life, after he turned 50 years old. But when he did turn into a monk, he blessed the culture with his meditations practices. He even foresaw his death and so, as per his instructions, he was mummified in an upright position in tandem with the Buddhist beliefs.

12. Explore Alambic Rum Distillery

Curious about how alcohol is brewed in Thailand? Make way to the famous magic Alambic Rum Distillery where you can see the process and sample the famous rum too.

13. Join A Cooking Class

As a foodie, nothing beats getting so up and close to a flavour that you know the recipe! A great way to learn about Thai culture is through its cooking styles and recipes. And, Koh Samui has a long list of cooking classes that will help you do just that. Provided, you like cooking.

14. Hop On A Cruise

Not wanting to do anything can also become a great way to experience Koh Samui. That is, if you are on a cruise. Sit back and relax as your cruise bobs over the waves and takes you around islands scattered along Koh Samui. This can make for a perfectly lazy day in Thailand.

15. Shop At Fisherman’s Village

Check out this ancient Fisherman’s village by taking a stroll around its market. You will find it to be buzzing with energy. And lined on each side of the market are old fishermen’s houses that you can request a tour to. This is a great way of getting close to the culture of Thailand, and a good chance to pick up souvenirs too.

16. Relax At A Resort

For those who have packed too much on to their itineraries, one day to relax at a picturesque resort in Koh Samui can complete the experience. Sometimes we put a lot of to-dos on our list, and our brain needs time to process everything that we have seen and done, just so it doesn’t seem like a blur of vacation when we reach home. Out your feet up and have coffee while looking back at your trip.

17. Enjoy The Sunset

Here’s one thing you can do every day at Koh Samui. Wherever you are, if the sun’s about to dip into the horizon, pause. There is no better sunset than one at Koh Samui. And, it is wise to slow down and take in its beauty when you are there.

18. Learn The Thai language

Get up close and personal with the place by learning the Thai language. Apart from being conversant with the locals, it will also allow you a peek into the traditions that as a non-Thai speaking tourist wouldn’t have. This helps if your stay is long at Koh Samui.

19. Go Kite-boarding

There’s more to adventure in Koh Samui than diving and snorkelling. You can sign up for kiteboarding which involves tagging along with a boat while on a surfboard. There’s speed, there are waves, and an awesome lot of adventure tucked in this experience if you are up for it.

20. Walk On The Beach

A visit to the picturesque Koh Samui is incomplete without a leisurely walk on the beach. Choose a time when the sun is not too strong, either early morning or evening, to take in the true beauty of this place.

21. Visit Peculiar Rock Formations

According to famous folklore, these peculiar rock formations denote a grandmother and grandfather who had set out to find a bride for their grandson. But their boat perished in a storm and they were turned into this rocks. This is to remind their grandson of their love. The rock formations here indeed look like the male and female genitalia. Whether there’s any truth to the story, well, you will have to visit and find out for yourself.

You can know a lot about a place if you experience it from different perspectives. And, doing various things is a great way to do just that. Don’t just stick to the touristy to-dos. Get creative and be surprised to witness the side of Koh Samui that no brochure or blog ever mentioned!

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