Release of New U.S. Government Tourism Data

U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow issued the following statement on the National Travel and Tourism Office’s release of international inbound visitation and spending numbers following a six-month suspension to fix anomalies in data collected from Customs and Border Protection:

“NTTO and CBP both deserve tremendous credit for working diligently to ensure we have an accurate government data picture of international visitation. Travel businesses depend on good numbers to plan and budget for things like marketing activities and expansion, so while it’s been a long few months without official visitation figures, working from compromised data is far worse than having no data at all.

“The NTTO numbers released today are basically in agreement with the inbound analysis U.S. Travel’s economists have been putting together these last few months. The data picture is properly viewed through a certain lens: while raw visitation figures have been slowly rising, they are not keeping pace with the explosive growth we are seeing in travel and tourism worldwide. U.S. market share has eroded, which means we are not adequately harnessing global travel growth to keep adding jobs and exports to the U.S. balance sheet.

“For a place that’s as natural a draw for visitors as the U.S., the healthy global travel market represents a tremendous economic opportunity. Policymakers can take full advantage of it by supporting the Brand USA tourism marketing agency and working to enhance and expand secure visa programs.”

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Island of Hawaii and Kauai No Longer Under a Tropical Storm Warning

Hawaii Tropical Storm Olivia
Tropical Storm Olivia is making its slow advance through the Hawaiian Islands today, with the current onset of high winds and heavy rainfall on Maui County and Oahu being the biggest threats to people and property.
Over the past 36 hours, Olivia has proven to be erratic and unpredictable as it nears the Hawaiian Islands. With the storm’s latest shift in direction overnight toward Maui County and Oahu, the National Weather Service has canceled the tropical storm warning for the island of Hawaii and Kauai.
All of the Hawaiian Islands continue to be under a flash flood watch through Thursday, meaning conditions are favorable for flash flooding in flood-prone areas. As such, state and county civil defense officials are strongly encouraging all residents and visitors statewide to continue monitoring Olivia and its impacts on the weather until the storm has completed its pass of the islands.
According to the Central Pacific Hurricane Center, as of 11:00 a.m. HST, Olivia had maximum sustained winds of 45 miles per hour and was moving west at 15 miles per hour. The center of Olivia, where tropical force winds and rainfall are at their strongest, was located 40 miles west of Kahului on Maui and 60 miles east-southeast of Honolulu on Oahu.
George D. Szigeti, president and CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority, said, “Today, residents and visitors of Maui County and Oahu are urged to stay safe, stay indoors and stay informed at all times by monitoring civil defense reports and Hawaii’s news media. Don’t be complacent about Olivia and don’t take anything about the weather for granted. Listen to the experts and follow their advice.”
High winds of 30 to 45 miles per hour, with gusts up to 65 miles per hour, are possible throughout today on Maui County and Oahu. In addition, total rainfall of 5 to 10 inches, with isolated areas receiving up to 15 inches, is possible. The National Weather Service cautions the heaviest rainfall could continue for 6 to 12 hours after the high winds subside.
Residents and visitors of Maui County and Oahu are advised to shelter in place and have access to an adequate supply of food, water, medications and essential goods until Olivia completes its pass.
For visitors currently in Hawaii or with confirmed trips to anywhere in the Hawaiian Islands in the coming weeks, HTA advises them to stay informed about Olivia and to contact their airlines, accommodations and activity providers to see if adjustments to travel plans are needed.
To help keep residents and visitors informed, HTA has a special Alert page about Olivia on its website and is posting updates as new information becomes available. Included are links to resources for weather information, alerts posted by the State of Hawaii and four island counties, closures of parks, airline travel waivers, and news releases pertinent to Olivia.
HTA’s Alert page for Olivia can be accessed from its home page or by clicking on the link below.
Following are links to resources about Olivia, being prepared for its onset, and coping with weather impacts.
Weather Information
Up-to-date information about Olivia is available at the following:
National Weather Service Forecast:
Central Pacific Hurricane Center:
County Alerts
Up-to-date information about Olivia’s impact to Hawaii’s four island counties is available at the following websites:
County of Hawaii:
County of Honolulu:
County of Kauai:
County of Maui:

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Calendar of Events- Autumn 2018

Autumn stroll at Djurgården
Photo by Jeppe Wikström/ 
I just posted an article about autumn art exibitions at museums and galleries in Stockholm, but there are a lot of other events and festivals going on this season to keep you busy. Below you will find a calendar of the bigger events and festivals happening in Stockholm. Of course there are many smaller events going on that aren't on the list. If you are staying at the Hotel Rival, contact me directly for more information!

December (a month filled with Xmas themed events and happenings, more info when the season approaches. You can also check my Christmas overview article from last year to get an idea of what to expect).
Winter views from City Hall (Stadshuset)
Next week I am traveling to Marrakesh to take part in the European UICH Congress and will be gone all week. Hopefully these past two articles will help you plan your autumn visit to Stockholm. I will be back working and blogging on September 11th! 

Autumn Art Exhibitions 2018

The National Museum re-opening on Oct 13th!
Photo by Hans Thorwid/Nationalmuseum
After a long, hot summer, the (sudden) drop in temperatures is a sure sign that autumn is right around the corner. The change in seasons means that we are looking for more indoor activities and, thankfully, there are some great art exhibits coming up at the main art museums and galleries in Stockholm to keep you busy. You can also check my list of summer exhibitions as many of the museums have exhibitions that last through September.

  • Fotografiska (photography)- there are a couple of exhibitions going on through September: Evelyn Bencicova "Merror" (until Sept 23rd) and Simen Johan "Until the Kingdom Comes" (until Sept 23rd). Two upcoming exhibitions are Noémie Goudal "Stations" (Sept 7th to Nov 18th) and Lars Tunbjörk "A Look From the Side" (Sept 14th to Dec 2nd). Considering the exhibit space, I am guessing that there will be two other exhibitions starting in October. I will add when they are announced. 
    Photo from Andy Warhol's first exhibit at Moderna in 1968
    Photo: Moderna Museet
  • Moderna (modern art)- their big fall exhibition, which I am really looking forward to, is Warhol 1968 (Sept 15th to Feb 17th) which celebrates the fact that Andy Warhol had his first solo exhibition in Europe at Moderna, 50 years ago! Another upcoming exhibition is Moderna Exhibition 2018 (Oct 20th to Jan 6th). 
  • ArkDes (architecture & design)- their ongoing exhibition is Public Luxury (until Jan 13th) and their upcoming exhibition is called Space Popular, Value in the Virtual (Sept 19th to Nov 18th). They also have a permanent exhibit on Architecture in Sweden
  • Millesgården (sculpture & art)- Most people come to visit the beautiful sculpture garden, but they also have a gallery with temporary exhibitions. Their upcoming exhibition is William Morris "More than Floral Wallpaper" (Sept 15th to Feb 3rd). 
  • National (classic art)- the big news is that they are finally reopening on October 13th after several years of being closed for renovations! The big opening exhibition will be John Singer Sargent (until Jan 13th). Looking forward to their reopening...
    Le baiser de l'hôtel de ville, Paris 1950
    Photo: Robert Doisneau © Atelier Robert Doisneau at Kulturhuset
  • Kulturhuset (mixed art)- home to multiple forms of culture, including some art galleries. One exhibition this season is of the photographer Robert Doisneau (Sept 7th to Nov 25th). 
  • Thielska Galleriet (fine art Scandinavian)- they have several current exhibitions through September. An upcoming exhibition this season is of the work of Swedish painter Ivan Aguéli (Oct 6th to Feb 10th ). 
  • Artipelag (art museum in archipelago setting)- their outdoor exhibition Detour is running until Nov 4th and in the gallery you have Bloomsbury Spirit running until Sept 30th. The new exhibit this fall is Margiela- the Hermès Years (Oct 26th to March 10th). 
  • Prins Eugen Waldemarsudde (fine art Scandinavian)- besides their permanent collection, they have several exhibitions this fall like Paula Modersohn-Becker and the Worpswede Artists' Colony (Sept 15th to Jan 27th), Helene Scmitz- Thinking Like a Mountan (Oct 6th to Feb 17th) and The Painter as a Photographer (Oct 6th to Feb 17th). 
    The Traitor by Georgij & Vladimir Stenberg, 1929
    at Liljevalchs
  • Liljevalchs (contemporary art)- their main autumn exhibition will be looking at Soviet poster art (Oct 12th to Jan 6th). 
  • Bonniers Konsthall (contemporary art)- they are reopening after being closed over the summer with their fall exhibition New Materialism (Sept 5th to Nov 11th). 
  • Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum (mixed art)- their first exhibition out is "Pillow Talk" by Ulla & Gustav Kraitz (Aug 29th to Oct 14th). Don't miss their upcoming exhibition with Swedish artist Jenny Nyström (Oct 26th to Feb 17th). 
  • Etnografiska (world culture)- They have an interesting exhibition this autumn that can fall under art... Feathers which looks at how we have used fathers throughout history in art, culture and fashion (Oct 6th to March 3rd).
    Portrait of Dagmar Assarsson, by Jenny Nyström
    at Sven-Harrys
    Photo by Per Myrehed

Museums With Free Entrance in Stockholm

Medieval Museum (Medeltidsmuseet)
Yes, it is true, Sweden is relatively expensive to visit. But there are ways of keeping your costs down when coming to Stockholm. For example, since 2016, all state run museums (as well as a few private ones) have free admission. These museums cover a wide range of subjects, from art to history to culture. Many of these museums are very child-friendly as well!
Museum of Natural History (Naturhistoriskamuseet)
The list of museums in Stockholm, in alphabetical order, with free entrance:
  • Architecture and Design Center- The Stockholm center for architecture and design, housed in the same building as Moderna (modern art museum). 
  • Armémuseum (The Army Museum)- a look at Sweden's military past and peace keeping present.
  • Etnografiska museet (Museum of Ethnography)- dedicated to cultures and peoples of the world.
  • Hallwylska museet- art and history museum located in a palace from the late 1800's owned by von Hallwyl family. Some special exhibitions may have an entrance fee..
  • Historiska museet (Swedish History Museum)- focused on the history of Sweden... including the Viking era. 
  • Kungliga myntkabinettet (The Royal Coin Cabinet)- museum of economy as well as the history of money and finance.
  • Livrustkammaren (The Royal Armoury)- a look at Swedish royal history through their clothing, costumes, armour and carriages. 
  • Marabou Park (contemporary art gallery)- gallery located in the suburbs of Stockholm in a former cocoa labrotory. 
  • Medelhavsmuseet (Mediterranean Museum)- dedicated to the history and culture of the Mediterranean area (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, etc.).
  • Medeltidsmuseet (Museum of Medieval History)- how did Stockholm look in the Middle Ages? What was life like for Medieval Stockholmers? Actually not state run (run by the city), but still free entrance as of January 1st.
    Museum of Swedish History (Historiska Museet)
  • Moderna museet- Stockholm's museum of modern art. Certain temporary exhibits may have an entrance fee, but their permanent collection is always free to visit. 
  • Nationalmuseum (the National Museum)- Sweden's museum of art and design. Currently closed for renovations, they reopen in October.
  • Naturhistoriska riksmuseet (Museum of Natural History)- a look at the history of the natural world from dinosaurs to today. Entrance fee still for their IMAX theatre Cosmonova.  
  • Riksidrottmuseet (Museum of Sports)- museum of sports and the history of sports. 
  • Sjöhistoriska museet (Maritime Museum)- dedicated to naval and shipping history.
  • Skokloster Castle- one of the best preserved Baroque castles in Europe, with museum. Located just outside of Stockholm. . 
  • Östasiatiska museet (Museum of Far East Antiquities)- houses art and sculpture from the Far East (Japan, China, Korea, etc.). 
  • The Royal Armoury (Livrustkammaren)