43 Things to Do in Krabi (The Ultimate List)

Krabi is a hot favourite when it comes to planning a Thailand Trip. Its lush green mangroves, towering limestone cliffs and gorgeous beaches beckon travellers to its sandy shores. The scenic wonderland also has plenty of delightful experiences to keep you busy day and night.

Want to know which activities are the right ones for you? Well, we have cherry-picked 43 of the best things to do in Krabi to create that unforgettable experience for you.

Beaches in Krabi

1. Railay Beach Recommended

Railay beach regularly makes it to the list of best beaches in the world. The accolades are well deserved though. Separated from the mainland and surrounded by giant limestone rocks, it almost feels like a private island.

There are plenty of things to do on the beach – just laze around, try your hand at rock climbing or discover small coves walking along. Due to its popularity, the beach can get crowded once the day picks up.

2. Phra Nang Beach

Phra Nang is a beautiful beach with striking rock formations around it. On one end of the beach, you have an erect phallic shaped rock jutting skywards and on the other end, there is a cave (Princess’s cave) half hidden below a towering wall.

Like Railay, its unique geographical features draw in tonnes of travelers every year.

3. Tonsai Beach

Tonsai Beach is Railay’s hippie neighbour. Like Railay, it is also bordered by gigantic rocks, again making it the favourite haunt of rock climbers from around the world.

The vibe here is pretty chilled out, with tonnes of mellow bars along the shoreline. You will mostly find travellers lounging about these bars with a beer in hand and listening to reggae music.

4. Tub Kaek Beach

Tub Kaek Beach is one of the prettiest beaches in Krabi. The sand is golden, the water is crystal clear and the trees lean out far over the sand giving a natural cover to those lounging about.  Compared to its high profile counterparts, it’s much quieter and tranquil.

5. Ao Nang Beach Popular

Ao Nang beach is Krabi’s liveliest beach and the most popular one.  There is always something going on at the beach. So if you like an action-packed atmosphere this beach is for you.

The beach is also lined with parasols and sundecks where you can just lounge about while sipping some juice. And if you want to enjoy a splash in the ocean, its waters are ideal for a swim.

Islands Tours from Krabi

6. 4 Island Tour Popular

It’s the most popular island hopping tour around Krabi. True to its name, you will be taken to 4 small but pretty islands, all surrounded by shimmering blue waters.

The best part is, you can do snorkelling in these waters. During low tides, you can even walk on a narrow sandbar which connects three of the islands.

This is box title
Why you should go: For the unique experience of snorkelling in turquoise blue waters

Why you should not go: Since it is the most popular tour in Krabi, it can get pretty crowded

Cost: USD 32

7. James Bond Island Tour Popular

The Island earned its name after it was featured in a James Bond movie.  Travelers throng to the island for that signature selfie with a funnel-shaped rock magically standing in the water.

You can also kayak along the waters, discover submerged caves and get up-close to the famed limestone cliffs. At the end, you can savour some traditional cuisine at the fishing village of Koh Panyee.

This is box title

Why you should go: Kayaking in the lagoons along the towering limestone karsts is an unique experience

Cost: USD 45

8. Phi Phi island Trip Popular

Floating between two picturesque bays, Phi Phi Island is one of the most scenic islands near Krabi. Featured in the Dicaprio movie “The Beach”, the island is like a celebrity in itself.

The biggest draw here is Maya bay, a sparkling green lagoon covered on all sides by limestone cliffs. Phi Phi is also one of the best places to scuba dive in Thailand.

And if you are a party animal, then you will love the island’s thundering beach bars and insane fire shows.

This is box title

Why you should go: For an amazing diving experience and its crazy beach parties

Why you should not go: Unless you are staying away from the main area, nights can get pretty loud

Cost: USD 67

9. Hong Island Tour

Koh Hong is a group of several islands with emerald green lagoons and beautiful corals. The rock formations around these lagoons are spectacular, and they are best explored by swimming in the crystal clear waters.

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Why you should go: You will love swimming in the incredibly clear waters of these lagoons

Cost: USD 42

10. Sunset Dinner Cruise Recommended

The sunset cruise is a great way to unwind in the evening with your family. The cruise happens on one of the last remaining Siamese traditional junk boats.

You can just relax on the deck, sip some cocktails and watch the sun sink into the waters. If you want to spice it up, you can cliff dive, snorkel or just go for a leisurely swim.

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Why you should go: You can witness bioluminescent waters up close, or better yet, swim in them

Cost: USD 78

Natural attractions in Krabi

11. Emerald Pool Recommended

Tucked into one of Krabi’s national parks is an unbelievable natural pool. True to its name, the emerald pool entices travelers with the color of its waters. As the sun hovers over the pool, the shades of the water change – a phenomenon that should not be missed.

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Why you should go: A natural pool in the jungle. Changing shades of water. Respite from the tropical heat. Need we say more?

12. Hot water spring Recommended

A short walk from the emerald pool leads to nature’s very own Jacuzzi. These hot water springs are formed from the water cascading along small rocks.

Photo via Shutter Stock

It’s said the waters have minerals with healing properties. Whether that’s true or not, a dip in its soothing hot waters is definitely refreshing.

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Why you should go: Set amidst trees in the middle of a jungle, the setting for a hot-water bath doesn’t get better.

13. Hang Nak mountain hike

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Why you should go: It’s the perfect jungle trek for the nature lover

Why you should not go: The climb is rewarding, but challenging as well. So if you are not in a good shape, don’t attempt it.

The Hang Nak trail is a hiker’s paradise, with small waterfalls, scenic view points and gentle streams along the way.

At the summit, there is a massive boulder perched on the edge, which gives you awe-inspiring views. Make sure you click a kickass selfie here.

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Note: As it’s thickly forested, it can get pretty humid here, so make sure you carry at least 2 bottles of water.

14. Khao Phanom Bencha National park

This national park is named after Khao Phanom Bencha Mountain, the highest one in Krabi standing 1,350 metres tall. The park’s popular attractions are its waterfalls with alluring natural pools.

The lower pools can be crowded, but don’t worry, a short but steep climb leads to more secluded pools with even better views.

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Why you should go: The park has some of the tallest and the prettiest waterfalls in the area.

Why you should not go: Unless you are planning to do a multiple day trek, it doesn’t make sense to travel all the way to the park

15. Khao Khanab Nam mountains

These mountains are some of the most prominent natural attractions in Krabi. Sitting on both sides of the river, these mountains rise above a series of large caves.

The caves are teeming with stalagmites and stalactites. You can also find quite a few human skeletons here.

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Why you should go: It’s one of the most unique natural wonders you will ever come across in Krabi

Temples in Krabi

16. Tiger Temple Popular

If you don’t mind slogging it off to enjoy some terrific views, consider climbing 1237 steps to reach the top of tiger temple. It is literally the stairway to heaven (or hell) depending on how fit you are.

Tiger Cave Temple

At the top sits a massive golden Buddha shining under the sunlight. From here, you will get a bird’s eye view of Krabi’s scenic beauty.

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Why you should go: The fantastic views aside, it’s also a great place to just get away from it all.

Why you should not go: Unless you are in peak physical condition, do not attempt it.

17. Wat Kaew

Wat Kaew

Wat Kaew is one of the few temples Krabi has. White in colour and with golden dragons slithering down the stairway, the temple looks quite majestic. Outside the temple, you can see beautiful peacocks walking around strutting their stuff.

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Why you should go: It’s beautiful, has a calm ambience and is hardly crowded.

Museums in Krabi

18. Fossilized Shell Fish Cemetery (Susan Hoi)

If you are a geology fan, you will love this place. The fossilized fish cemetery has limestone deposits in the surrounding water which preserved shellfish and snails by fossilizing them.  Some of these date back to between 25 and 40 million years.

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Why you should go: are only three such shell cemetery sites in the world, so if you are in Krabi, it’s a good opportunity to check this one out.

19. Krabi contemporary Art Museum

The Krabi contemporary art museum displays a blend of both traditional and contemporary art exhibits.  The entrance to the museum is free and if you are an art collector, you can even buy paintings from here.

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Why you should go: If you have an appreciation for local art or if you want to add to your collection, this is a good place to be.

Shopping in Krabi

20. Krabi town walking street Recommended

Krabi town walking street is the hottest shopping event in Krabi.  You will see tonnes of yellow coloured tents selling everything from shoes, jewellery, accessories, funky souvenirs and Thai handicrafts to lip-smacking Thai cuisine.

The market is centered around a stage where local artists play music and school children perform traditional Thai dances.  You can even get your caricature done by skilled artists.

21. Ao Nang night market Popular

Nang market is a place where you can easily get lost in the ocean of food on display. From barbecued meat, exotic desserts, Thai fruits, coconut drinks, fruit shakes and Thai ice teas, the market is a gastronomic delight

If you make it past the food stall, there are cheap shoes, second hand t-shirts and accessories on sale. If you are going with kids, there is even a trampoline to play with.

22. Chao Fah Night Market

Chao Fah night market is the largest food market in Krabi, with hundreds of tables and chairs laid out randomly. It looks messy, but it’s a place locals and travels throng to savour genuine Thai food.

The cuisine is varied, from local Thai food to Chinese to Muslim. The best part is , the food here is extremely cheap, starting at USD 1-2 for a plate.

Nightlife and Partying in Krabi

23. Ao Nang Centre Point

Ao Nang centre is the perfect place to spend the night in Krabi. It’s the complete entertainment package – surrounded by drinking joints and dining outlets. You can shop here, get tattoos or even watch a cabaret show.

This is box title

Why you should go: It’s a one-stop party shop

24. Soi RCA

Soi RCA is the party hub in Krabi. It’s an entire street lined by bars – all look the same, play the same kind of music, have board games and pool tables. So if you are looking for a place to drink the night away, there are plenty of options.

This is box title

Why you should go: Frequented by locals, this is the best place to meet up with them, or better yet, share a drink.

25. Old West Bar

It’s the only cowboy-themed bar of Krabi and a major hit among travellers. They serve great cocktails, play the Beatles and a have barman who looks from a 50’s movie.

The service is exceptional and if you have been there before, they might even remember your face.

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Why you should go: It’s one of those classic places where you go to grab a drink and chat up with some people

26. Dinner at Grotto Recommended

This is box title

Why you should go: This is the surprise dinner you should plan for your sweetheart

Cost: USD 125 per person for a buffet

In Krabi, romance is spelt Grotto. It has the fascinating setting for an intimate dinner. Tucked into a cave under a limestone cliff and facing the beach, the ambience is lovely. It might cost a bomb, but the experience is totally worth it.

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Note: The grotto is only accessible by boat, so remember to book a boat for your return journey.

27. Watch the blue dragon cabaret show

Photo by ittnarnar via Instagram


The blue dragon cabaret show is the most famous one in Krabi. This is where you can watch Thailand’s ladyboys in action as they groove to catchy tunes dressed in jazzy costumes. Their impersonations of celebrities are just amusing, especially their versions of “Barbie Girl” and “Gangnam Style”

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Why you should go: To watch Thailand’s famed ladyboys in action

Cost: USD 11

Local Experiences in Krabi

28. Krabi Town Recommended

Krabi town is the place to get a taste of the local culture. With its old world bars, quaint cafes, beautiful parks and bustling night markets, it still retains a local vibe despite the commercialization.  Sitting in a bar in Krabi town is a great way to wind up after a hectic day.

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Why you should go: Krabi town is best known for its vibrant night markets. Shopping and eating here is a must try

29. Illumanorah Show

If you want a night away from parties and beaches, then catching the Illumanorah show at Paka park is a good choice.

The show is a riot of colours, with performers dressed as birds in fancy costumes. The light show and sound effects create the ultimate visual spectacle. Don’t forget to click photos with the performers after the show.

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Why you should go: It is a delightful experience for everyone, especially if you are traveling with family

Cost: Dinner + Show starts at USD 31

30. Thai cooking class

If you are foodie who loves cooking as much as eating, then this is an adventure you should embark on. Think about this, you can cook your favourite lip-smacking Thai delicacies whenever you want. Tempting right?

They teach you to make authentic Thai cuisine using ingredients that you buy from the market yourself. The visit to the market is an experience in itself. And when you are done, you get to eat the fruits of your labour!

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Why you should go: Understanding the food culture of Thailand is one of the most authentic experiences you can take back with you

31. Fishing island of Koh Klang

Koh Klang is a simple fishing island 5 minutes from Krabi by boat. Inhabited for over 100 years, it is now home to 5000 people, most of whom are fishermen and rice farmers.

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Why you should go: You will get a rare insight into the local life without having to travel to a remote village

32. Take a Thai Massage Recommended

It’s a cardinal sin to leave Thailand without giving your sore muscles a taste of an authentic Thai massage.

So if you have had a tiring day, just hop into a massage parlor and submit yourself in the hands of a trained masseuse.  Lie down in a lemon scented room and slip into deep slumber as your body relaxes.

You are sure to wake refreshed and ready.

Adventure Activities in Krabi

33. Scuba Diving

This is box title

Cost: The cost for scuba diving is approximately USD 89 for two dives

If there is one adventure you must try in Thailand, then it is scuba diving. Krabi’s long coastline, emerald green waters, plunging limestone cliffs and a diverse marine life make it a great place for scuba diving.  Gliding under the water in a zen-like state along with thousands of fishes is an unforgettable experience.

This is box title

Note: Even though Krabi has plenty of options, nearby Phi Phi island is the best place around Krabi to scuba dive. And it’s easier on the wallet too.

34. Rock climbing Popular

Krabi’s limestone towers make it a popular haunt for rock-climbers from around the world. It’s not just for the professionals though, even beginners can try.

Climbing these towering cliffs against the picture perfect background of the turquoise sea makes it worth the experience.

This is box title

Cost: The price for rock climbing in Krabi ranges from USD 15 to USD 180, depending upon the duration of the course (usually one-day and three-day courses are available)

35. White water rafting

Nothing matches the adrenaline rush of tackling the frothing rapids of the Songprak River on an inflatable boat. The exciting plunges and the sudden drops as you are pushed around by the raging rapids is sure to give you the thrills.  

The 3-mile stretch of Songprak River in Krabi offers rapids of all difficulty levels.

This is box title

Cost: A 5 kilometer stretch of river rafting costs about USD 35 per person.

36. Kayaking Recommended

Kayaking around Krabi is the best way of exploring its hidden natural beauty.  You will discover hidden coves, sea caves and spectacular lagoons by gliding along the water.

It’s a leisurely activity, so young or old, all are welcome. You can go for guided tours or just hire a kayak and roam around by yourself. Whatever you pick, you are sure to have a great time.

This is box title

Cost: Prices start from 24 USD for half a day of Kayaking or Canoeing.

37. Giant rope swing

Rope Swing

If live without fear is your motto in life, then you need to try the Giant Rope Swing. It’s the largest rope swing in Asia which will take you flying at breakneck speeds 100 metres above the forest floor.

Just the climb to the jump point itself is enough to scare most. With a 100 foot free fall and a nerve wrenching flying experience, it has made it to the bucket list of daredevils around the world.

This is box title

Cost: They offer various customised packages starting from USD 90 ranging up to USD 151.

38. Ziplining

Zipling is the most fun way of exploring the wild. Strapped to a safety harness, be prepared to zoom through the jungle at super speeds.

You will swing from one tree top to another, just like Tarzan. If you are going with family, the kids would love ziplining. It’s safe and fun for everyone.

This is box title

Cost: USD 27

39. Windsurfing

Wind surfing combines the thrill of surfing and sailing. Zooming through the water, propelled by the blowing ocean breeze feels like riding a high speed car on water.

Krabi’s picturesque views, perfect weather and good breeze just make it ideal for the sport.

This is box title

Note: This sport requires proper training as it utilizes both the force of wind and the buoyancy of water for the board’s movement.

Cost: USD 120

40. Kitesurfing

Like pushing yourself to the next limits? Love splashing into the waters? Then Kitesurfing is just perfect for you.  All you need to do is hold a steerable kite and use the force of giant waves to jump high in the air. Once you get a hang of it, you will be hooked.

Professionals can jump up 50 feet in the air or fly in the air for 10 seconds, when the conditions are right. Incredible isn’t it? Although it sounds pretty tough, it can be learned through a 3 day course.

This is box title

Cost: One hour of kite surfing can cost you about USD 34

41. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is a rising star in the world of watersports.  You need to balance yourself on a board and hold a cable tight as you whizz through the water pulled by a speedboat. It’s the ultimate combination of speed, thrill and fun.

This is box title

Cost: Wakeboarding can be done for as little as USD 9

Places to visit Near Krabi

42. Koh Lanta Recommended

Koh Lanta is one of those islands which still remains deliciously unspoilt. With a jungly interior and bordered by flour like beaches, it’s one of the best places to escape mainland Thailand tourism.

You will mostly find travelers lounging by virgin beaches, marveling at sunsets from a beach bar or diving into its magnificent waters.

This is box title

Why you should go: Its crystal clear waters, corals which are a splash of colors and diverse marine life make it one of the best places to dive in the world

Why you should not go: Since it’s one of the lesser developed islands, you may not have a lot of choices when it comes to shopping, partying and dining

43. Khao Sok National Park Recommended

Khao Sok National Park is the ultimate paradise for nature lovers and photographers. There are tonnes of adventurous things to do – you can hike in the jungles, discover caves and hidden waterfalls, canoe leisurely along the river or just lie in a raft house floating on an emerald green lake.

This is box title

Why you should go: There are wonderful stays at the Khao Sok national park.

Why you should not go: If you just have a day’s time to spare, then it’s not worth going, as a lot of time will go in travel. So make sure you plan at least for 2 days in Khao Sok.


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The Complete List: 9 Most Beautiful Beaches in Krabi

Thailand is home to some of the best beaches in the world. Amongst them, the ones in Krabi are said to be the prettiest.  

Travelers swarm to Krabi’s beaches every year, but responsible development has ensured that they have remained as postcard perfect as they were years before.

Can’t wait to step into them right? Well, here is a pick of the best 9 beaches in Krabi that you should add to your bucket list right now.

1. Railay Beach

No list of best beaches in the world is complete without the mention of Railay beach. Flanked by towering limestone cliffs and backed by dense mangroves and coconut palms, the landscape makes it look like a private island.

The rocky terrain around the beach makes it the mecca of rock-climbing. It’s also one of the best beaches to stay at, with beautiful bungalows scattered around.

This is box title

What to Do There: Lounge about in the sand, swim in its calm waters or try your hand at rock climbing.

Why you should visit: Hands down, one of the best beaches in the world, not just Krabi.

This is box title

Where’s the catch: Since it’s a touristy area, everything around here is more expensive than at the mainland

How to get there: Railay is cut off from the mainland, so it can be reached be a ferry from Ao Nang Beach, Krabi Town or a little pier in the village of Ao Nammao. It costs around INR 200/ USD 3

2. Phra Nang Beach

Phra Nang is the sister beach of Railay, located just 10 minutes away. It’s another example of a postcard-perfect beach, with some unique rock formations.

On one end of the beach, you have an erect phallic shaped rock jutting skywards and on the other end, there is a cave (Princess’s cave) half hidden below a towering wall.

This is box title

What to Do There:  There are fascinating caves that you can explore (a guide is not needed). And the water has excellent visibility, making it ideal for a splash.
Why you should visit:  You get really amazing views of massive rocks jutting out from the sea

This is box title

Where’s the catch: The beach is almost as popular as Railay, so it’s usually crowded during the day
How to get there: There is a trail leading from Railay beach

3. Tonsai Beach

Tonsai is Railay’s hippy neighbour, lined with plenty of mellow bars playing reggae music. The atmosphere is pretty laidback with most travelers just lounging about on the beach with a beer in hand. Unless, you are a rock-climber.

Like Railay, it’s surrounded by rugged cliffs with world-class rock climbing routes. Both beginners and veterans can give it a shot.

This is box title

What to Do There: Just relax on the fine powdery sand and stare into the horizon. If you are an adventure freak, then you can try rock climbing on those gigantic cliffs.
Why you should visit: If you are a backpacker who wants a place to just unwind, then Tonsai is the place to go.

This is box title

Where’s the catch: Accommodation here is pretty basic.
How to get there: You can take a ferry from Ao Nang beach to reach Tonsai. It would cost INR 200/ USD 3.

4. Ao Nang Beach

Ao Nang is the centre of the travel universe in Krabi. Needless to say, it’s the liveliest beach in town. So if you are looking for an action-packed day, then you should head to Ao Nang.

The beach is lined with sundecks for you to lounge about. If you are a water baby, you can enjoy a swim in its safe waters.

This is box title

What to Do There: You can enjoy a swim or find a secluded patch to just laze around.
Why you should visit: It’s one of the best places in Krabi to watch the sunset.

This is box title

Where’s the catch: It’s a busy beach, so if you want a quiet place, then Ao Nang may not be the best beach for you
How to get there: Its walking distance from Ao Nang town

5. Tub Kaek Beach

Tub Kaek is one of Krabi’s low key gems. It’s one of the quietest and prettiest beaches in Krabi, so if you are looking for a cocktail of privacy, tranquillity and picturesque beauty, then look no further.

This is box title

What to Do There: Relax under the shade of trees and gaze at the stunning offshore vistas
Why you should visit: Its one of those places which will give you the feeling of being on a private beach

This is box title

Where’s the catch: As the coast is rocky, it’s not really ideal for swimming except at high tides.
How to get there: It’s a 30 minute drive from Ao Nang and 40 minute drive from Krabi Town

6. Nopparat Thara Beach

Nopparat Thara is a beach close to Ao Nang and a great place to just while away your afternoon or just enjoy a picnic. Its sandy shore stretches for miles, meaning a private patch is always available for you.

This is box title

What to Do There: You can sunbathe, snorkel or hire a long-tail boat to cruise along the coves.
Why you should visit: At low tides, you can walk to a tiny island of Koh Khao Pak Klong. The sunset views from here are gorgeous too.

This is box title

Where’s the catch: There is nothing much to do around here, so if you want a bustling atmosphere, then you are better off elsewhere.
How to get there: It’s a 15 minute drive from Ao Nang

7. Klong Muang

Klong Muang is the luxury resort capital of Krabi with many 5 star resorts strewn along the beach. The beach has beautiful views, lovely coconut palm trees for shade and a tranquil setting.

This is box title

What to Do There: Just plant yourself under a tree, read a book and forget the world!
Why you should visit: Its one of the most secluded beaches in Krabi

This is box title

Where’s the catch: There is a quarry near the beach, so the movement of lorries up and down might ruin your lazy slumber
How to get there: It’s a 30 minute drive from Ao Nang

8. Ao Siew

Another one of Krabi’s pleasant surprises, Ao Siew is a beach wedged between mangroves and coconut groves. The waters are aquamarine in color and much calmer than Ao Nang, so you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the waters.

This is box title

What to Do There: Swim in its crystal clear waters and soak in the solitude
Why you should visit: Its one of the lesser known beaches, so you can have the beach entirely to yourself

This is box title

Where’s the catch: You won’t find any shops near the beach, so in case you want to buy something, Klong Muang is the nearest place
How to get there: It is just a few kms away from Klong Muang

9. Ao Nang Centara Beach

Tucked between towering limestone karsts dripping in lush greenery, Ao Nang Centara is the perfect beach. It’s only a small stretch and completely hidden from view. The only way to spot it is if you pass by it on a boat. It’s almost like a secret beach.

This is box title

Note: Only guests of Centara Resort have access to this beach.

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Top 10 Things to Do with Kids in Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland is on the bucket list of many people.  If you’re travelling as a family then you might be wondering: what are the best things to do with kids in Edinburgh? If so, read on and find plenty of inspiration! I grew up near Edinburgh and visited quite frequently, but it wasn’t […]

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Taking the Eurostar from Paris to London – What to Expect

Eurostar from Paris to London

There truly is something irresistibly romantic about the idea of train travel in Europe, isn’t there? I’ve admittedly done rather extensive, practical research on the process and rode trains in about a dozen countries across the Old Continent (using a Eurail pass most of the time), which I can partly attribute to my fear of flying; but aside from the fact that I’m utterly useless around airplanes, I just genuinely enjoy riding trains.

And that includes crossing the Channel in the brand new Eurostar.

Did you know, for example, that upwards of 95% of Eurostar trains arrive on time or within 15 minutes, whilst competing short-haul flights typically manage only 65-70% measured by the same standard. Not surprisingly, Eurostar has now captured over 70% of the London-Paris market from the airlines.

I was recently given the opportunity to experience the First Class Business Premier class between Paris Gare du Nord and London St Pancras. Here are my impressions along with a few practical tips to help you prepare for your very own journey across the Chunnel.

What’s It Like to Ride the Eurostar from Paris to London?

Eurostar from Paris to London

Eurostar from Paris to London
Eurostar from Paris to London
Eurostar from Paris to London
Eurostar from Paris to London

Having arrived at Gare du Nord a solid hour and a half prior to scheduled departure time (you can never be too early in Parisian trafic) and having gone through immigration and security swiftly, I sat comfortably in the newly-renovated Business Premier lounge for a little while. Sipping on a complimentary glass of wine, admiring the 19th-century features, munching on canapés, I watched business men type furiously on their computers, eager to get as much work done as possible before their inevitable parting with Wi-Fi and modern civilisation.

Needless to say the lounge is tastefully decorated and welcoming throughout, with numerous quiet nooks and, most importantly, charging stations and clean washrooms.

Mind you, there is ample seating and washrooms elsewhere in Gare du Nord station but they are both far more chaotic than the Business Premier lounge’s.

Eurostar from Paris to London Eurostar from Paris to London Eurostar from Paris to London

Onwards to the trains after a timely announcement in the lounge. My seat is in one of the rear trains and so I head towards that direction, eager to store my luggage and find my seat.

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to fit my gigantic, unmistakably North American suitcase in one of the compartments at either ends of the train but that simply was a gross underestimate of how efficient and stylish Europeans are even with the tiniest of suitcases.

And just a few minutes, it’s time to bid Paris adieu (au revoir would be more appropriate, as I can never stay away for too long), as we make our way to London a mere 300 kilometres per hour.

Pictured below was dinner, a combination of quinoa salad and quiche along with an excellent chou for dessert and, France being what it is, a cheeky bottle of wine for one. Simply delightful.

A note on Standard Premier Class: while the Eurostar’s Standard class is perfectly acceptable and comfortable, especially on the newer e320 trains, Standard Premier does offer more generous legroom and wider seats as well as a light meal. There usually are fewer families in Standard Premier carriages, too, resulting in more tranquil journeys.

Eurostar from Paris to London Eurostar from Paris to London

Eurostar from Paris to London
Eurostar from Paris to London

Eurostar from Paris to LondonEurostar from Paris to LondonEurostar from Paris to London

Fun fact: the Channel tunnel is 50,45 kilometres long and is just one of the three tunnels crossed by the Eurostar from Paris to London. The tunnel is 195 metres deep at its deepest point. You’ll know you’re in when you feel your ears pop!

And just like that, I arrive in style at London St Pancras, a mere two and a half hours later but seemingly worlds away from the French capital.

Is the Eurostar from Paris to London the best? Absolutely. The Eurostar completely obliterates the stress of airport transfers, cumbersome security checks and incredibly shrinking airplane seats; in short, it’s the carefree, comfortable and efficient way to travel between the two capital’s centres.

Eurostar from Paris to London – Practical Tips

Finding the cheapest Eurostar fares
  • Fares start at £44 one-way or £58 return in Standard Class.
  • The earlier you book, the cheaper; tickets can be reserved as early as 180 days ahead. Keep in mind, however, that Eurostar tickets are subject to dynamic pricing much like airlines; in other words, cheaper seats sell the fastest and prices increase dramatically as travel dates approach.
  • If pricing is the main concern, opt for off-peak journeys as they are more affordable than say, Friday afternoon or Sunday evening trains, which are hugely popular. That’s just the logic of offer and demand: the more popular the route, the least likely it is to have large numbers of unavailable seats, the more expensive each individual seat will be.
  • As for the actual, physical tickets, there are three optons: use a third-party site such as RailEurope to have tickets delivered straight to your address, print at home or use a self-service ticket machine at the train station right before check-in to retrieve your ticket.
  • Note that travel on Eurostar requires a separate ticket and cannot be used in conjunction with rail passes. However, many passes include discounted rates called a Passholder fare.
Riding the Eurostar
  • Note that there is an hour’s time difference between London (UTC+0) and Paris (UTC+01:00).
  • The Eurostar crosses the border between the Schengen area and Britain, and therefore is subject to immigration checks before boarding. Arrive at the station at least one hour prior to scheduled departure time to allow enough time for customs and security checks. It’s a much smoother process than it would be at the airport, questioning is fairly straightforward and security does not require passengers to take their shoes off. If you’re a citizen of a non-EU country, you will need to complete a landing card to hand to immigration staff.
  • The latest you can check-in is 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • Boarding commences approximately 20 minutes prior to departure.
  • You MUST keep your passport handy at all times during the journey. Do not leave it in your suitcase 10 rows down under any circumstances.
  • As mentioned earlier, there are luggage compartments on either ends of each train for larger suitcases. There is also overhead storage for smaller items such as laptop bags or carry-on luggage.
  • Seat61 has listed pretty much everything travellers should know about riding the Eurostar, including videos and helpful tips.

Disclaimer: RailEurope provided me with a complimentary business ticket from Paris to London. All opinions are my own.

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Kandima Maldives: Your Kind of Place!

Kandima Maldives has quickly built a reputation for awesomeness, barely a year since it opened its powder white beaches to tourists. Reason? It’s fun and cheap! It’s fun because it’s artsy and light-natured, and it’s cheap because of all the sweet deals it offers. Kandima Maldives is the place to be right now!

The rates are low for the modern luxury and lush experiences the resort offers. Mingled with our special offers for Kandima Maldives, your visit to one of the most coveted holiday destinations in the world won’t put a significant dent in your wallet.

Kandima Maldives offers a playfully creative ambiance

Scrutinizing Kandima Maldives makes it clear why it’s ‘your kind of place’, as their motto goes. The resort challenges the status quo on the traditional concept of vacationing in the Maldives.

Kandima Maldives is located in Dhaalu Atoll of the Maldives. Guests at the island resort can enjoy every typical hedonism the Maldives traditionally promises… which is, basically, relaxation.

But perhaps you want a bit more. Have no fear, you have lots to explore. At Kandima Maldives, you can have experiences found nowhere else in the Maldives!

World-class DJ’s belting out dance-inducing party beats at every corner. You can engage in every water sports activity invented by mankind. And at the in-house art studio, creative-juices start flowing freely. Inspiration abounds.

Other adventures that throw you into the midst of Maldivian culture includes island hopping and fishing trips along with several other excursions.

Meanwhile, HQ & Den offers solace for introverts. It’s gloriously stylish with touches of greenery. There, you can swim in a literary wonderland in the library or immerse yourselves in gameplay.

There’s no such thing as boredom on the island.

Let’s first look at the most important thing in life and how it fares at Kandima Maldives: FOOD!

 Foodies won’t be disappointed!

Kandima Maldives houses absolutely stunning restaurants.

Flavor Zest outlets are all-day dining venues located near the resort’s swimming pools. They offer market-style food from around the world. You can just drop in and grab a casual bite when you feel like it.

The Sea Dragon serves authentic Chinese cuisine with modern twists, perfect for families. Aroma is located on its very own lake, a serene little joint where you can have cake and paint with the artists. Azure is a chic beach house with casual dining.

Guests hang out at the Beach Club all day and night. They mingle and sip on homemade Mojitos, freshly squeezed juices, and granitas from the bar; it’s especially cool at sunset. At Breeze, you can have drinks and shisha with a glorious view of the infinity pool. It’s the longest outdoor pool in the Maldives at a hundred meters in length!

Smoked restaurant offers mouth-watering dishes of steaks, smoked ribs, and fresh fish from the open BBQ kitchen. They also serve vegetarian dishes. And finally, the Deli restaurant is devoted to stylish food boutique for a quick bite. Or you can order take-aways to your room.

Speaking of rooms…

Stay in spacious, beautiful villas

Kandima Maldives houses 274 studios and villa’s that are stylish and modern. There’s no conceivable shortage of accommodation choices.

They have Beach & Sky Studios, Beach Villas, and 79 Aqua Villas. Some of these picturesque villas sitting over the turquoise lagoon are exclusive to honeymooners. The rest is OK for families… but it’s best for groups of friends looking for a crazy time in the Maldives.

All the rooms are spacious and an art form in themselves.

The bars and lounges are colorful and airy. The ambiance envelops you in a warm embrace that makes you feel at home. Casual wear is encouraged (so remember to pack light, and pack smart!). You can enjoy electrifyingly good DJ’s and music anywhere on the island, as you soak in the island vibes over amazing cocktails.

Turn your vacation into a lifestyle

Kandima Maldives strives to warp your vacation into a lifestyle. It’s as if you got dropped off into a dream with a wow factor of 100%. Yet nothing feels strange or out of place.

Art connoisseurs can fully appreciate the visual treats sprinkled throughout the island resort. Kandima Maldives welcomes and offers something worthwhile to singles, groups of friends, honeymooners, couples of all ages, and families.

Adventure, sport, wellbeing, and relaxation is taken to the next level on this three-kilometer long island. Families should check out Kandiland; it offers tonnes of fun to the younger guests.

The Aquaholics water sports center will take you on rip-roaring oceanic adventures. You can jet ski and kite surf among an array of other activities. Or go scuba diving to explore the underwater wonderland that surrounds the island resort. Afterwards, you can relax at the esKape Spa.

Imagine how cool (or Kool, as Kandima Maldives stylizes) it’d be to return home with new skills under your sleeve?

You can learn to paint at the art studio. Or take pottery and local handcraft classes. You can enroll in guest photo sessions and classes at the photo studio.

Food lovers can learn to cook or make cocktails. You can also take massage classes (couples… getting any ideas?), DJ workshops, and… wait for it… dance classes!

Talk about lasting impressions. Kandima Maldives gives you skills.

In a nutshell, go for Kandima Maldives!

All in all, Kandima Maldives’ aspirations to become a unique destination in the Maldives is a breath of fresh air that does not disappoint.

The fact that family bonding, friends fun, and romance for couples are all accessible at Kandima Maldives makes the island resort all the more endearing. And of course, who wouldn’t love a vacation which rewards you with amazing new knowledge?

Play, explore, and learn from the living the life!

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