The Ultimate Koh Samui Itinerary: What You Can Do in 4 Days

Looking to spend 4 days in the dreamy island of Koh Samui? Do you want to just chill while sipping umbrella cocktails on white sand beaches? Or do you want to plunge into the ocean and discover its secrets? Are you a party animal who likes to let loose every night? Whatever your fancy, the island will cater to it.

Scroll through our detailed 4 day Koh Samui itinerary and make the most of your Thailand trip!

How to get to Koh Samui

Before we start with the coolest things to do on the island, let’s talk about how to reach Koh Samui.

There are 3 ways of going about it: 

  1. Take a direct flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui. Although it’s the most convenient option, this can be an expensive affair
  2. Take a flight to Suratthani and from there, take a 1.5 hour ferry to Koh Samui. This is the most preferred route to reach the island
  3. Take an overnight train to Suratthani and from there take a 1.5 hour ferry to Koh Samui. This could work out to be the cheapest option

Now that you know how to get to Koh Samui, let’s dive straight into the itinerary.

Day 1

1. Kick start your Koh Samui trip with a beach hopping tour of the island

This goes without saying folks, hit the beaches! This is why you came to this exotic island in the first place, isn’t it?

No matter which area you stay in Koh Samui, a patch of sand is never far away.  And being far from the mainland, Koh Samui has much better beaches than those hugging major cities.

Chaweng is the most popular beach in Samui. Its lively atmosphere and an array of thrilling watersports make it ideal for the action-loving beach bum.  


If you want to relax in privacy, need cleaner sands and deliciously appealing blue waters, Lamai beach could become your favourite.

Lipa Noi and Maenam are truly offbeat beaches you could head to for a private beach experience.

2. Marvel at the majestic Big Buddha

Big Buddha

It’s impossible to travel in Samui and not get a glimpse of the Big Buddha. It’s a massive golden statue which you can spot even from the skies, while landing at the Samui airport. Its shimmering golden avatar deserves a closer look though.

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Why should you go: As it’s on top of a hill, it is the best place to get a bird’s eye of Samui and the surrounding body of turquoise blue.

3. Gape in awe at the imposing statue of the 18-armed goddess at the Wat Plai Laem


The biggest draw of the temple is the menacing giant statue of the 18 armed statues of Guanyin, the goddess of mercy and compassion. It’s believed the art techniques used in the making of the temple are centuries old and based on ancient beliefs.

4. Gorge on some amazing street food at Chaweng walking street

Chaweng night market
Chaweng walking street is a food lover’s paradise. There are countless stalls selling authentic Thai cuisine, from barbecued meat, noodles and soups to a number of delectable desserts.

Once your hunger pangs are taken care off, you can stroll about the market and look for cheap T-shirts, sunglasses, knockoff watches, copied Ralph Lauren polo shirts and cosmetics.

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Why should you go: If you are looking for funky souvenirs to take back home, night markets are the best places for it.

Even if shopping doesn’t catch your fancy, strolling along the night markets in Koh Samui can be a great cultural experience.

Day 2

5. Unravel the real beauty of Thailand at Ang Thong Marine Park

Angthong Marine Park

Ang Thong Marine Park is a group of 42 islands, each of them like a little drop of heaven.  Each of these little islets is draped in lush green and dripping with gorgeous waterfalls and emerald lagoons.

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Why should you go: You can explore one of Thailand’s most beautiful national parks, hike through the jungles, kayak through the park and get-up close with massive limestone outcrops popping out of the sea.

A short but steep hike on Koh Mae (Mother island) leads to the emerald lake view point – the highlight of the trip. On one side, you can see the emerald lake, which looks more like a crater lake of a volcano. On the other side, you can see all the islands, like patches of grass floating in the sapphire blue sea.

6. Shop at the charming Fisherman’s Village

Fishermans Village
Fisherman’s village is a complete contrast to the more developed face of Koh Samui. Lined with old wooden Chinese shop-houses, it has a charming vibe to it. In between lie several boutiques selling clothing and jewellery.

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Why should you go: To shop at the Fisherman Village Walking Street, which brings the town to life every Friday. You get everything from interesting handicrafts, herbs and spices, shoes, high quality local fabrics and interesting fashion designs

7. Unleash the party animal in you at Ark Bar

Ark Bar

Ark bar is undoubtedly the best place to party in Koh Samui. In fact, it has a worldwide reputation of being one of the wildest party venues.

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Why should you go: The fire show they put on is just incredible. The sight of fire-dancers daringly twirling in the night air, on a platform erected in the sea is sure to put you in a trance.

Located on the beachfront with swimming pools and swim up bars and with world-class DJ’s rolling out some thumping tunes, it exists to ensure you party till you drop. The ambience is electrifying and you get all your favourite drinks, including the infamous Thai bucket. A couple of these and you will be seeing fairies.

Day 3

8. Go on an island Hopping Tour around Koh Samui

Koh Samui is surrounded by many islands and each of them is unique in its own way.   Half an hour away is Koh Phangan, the famous party island known for hosting full moon parties.  

During the day, it’s a sleepy island with people lounging about its awesome beaches, discovering waterfalls or exploring the island on bikes.


Slightly further away is Koh Tao, the backpacker island known for its excellent diving. It’s the cheapest place to scuba dive in Thailand and one of the few places where you get to dive with a whale shark – the world’s largest fish.

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Note: Diving in Koh Samui can be very expensive. So it’s better to travel to Koh Tao and dive there.

 Its waters are crystal clear, the corals are a riot of colours and teeming with a diverse marine life.  Needless to say, diving here will surely be the highlight of your Thailand trip.

Although Koh Tao has a laid-back vibe, it comes to life at night with its insane pub crawls.

Koh Tao

9. Take your sweetheart for a romantic dinner at one of Samui’s classiest restaurants

Woobar Samui

Koh Samui has tonnes of restaurants for an ideal dinner date.  From dining on a tree-top, beach dining to something as lavish as dinner on a floating wooden raft in the middle of the sea, the options are truly endless.

10. Pamper yourself with a traditional Thai massage

It’s impossible to travel to Thailand and not get an authentic Thai massage. The resorts in Koh Samui are especially known for their glamorous spa retreats. 

You could even get a message on the beach.  The sound of the lapping waves and brush of sea breeze will ensure you slip into peaceful slumber in no time. So when in Samui, say goodbye to sore muscles.

Couple Spa

Day 4

11. Stare in disbelief at the mummified monk at Wat Khunaram

Wat Khunaram

The Wat Khunaram is one of the most unique temples you can find in Thailand. It houses the mummified body of Loung Pordaeng, a monk who passed away 40 years before.

You can see his preserved statue sporting sunglasses at the temple. It’s a miracle that his body has been so well- preserved years after his death.  The monk’s strict diet and meditation technique is said to be the reason though.

12. Laugh at nature’s dirty sense of humour at Hin Ta and Hin Yai rocks

Hin Ta and Hin Yai

The Hin Ta and Hin Yai (Grandfather and Grandmother rocks) have been amusing travellers and locals ever since they were discovered. They are rock formations which resemble the male and female genitalia.

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Why should you go: The rocks lie on the edge of the water, with amazing views stretching across the sea to nearby islands. There is also a beach close by, where you can spot some colourful fishes from the surface.

13. Splash about in the cool waters of the Na Muang waterfall


Na Muang is the surprise package which shows how the beautiful the island is. It is an amazing twin cascade of water falling over purple shaded rocks, rightly earning it the nickname “Purple falls”.

Nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts would love the walk through lush green jungles to reach the waterfall.  The first of the waterfalls is easy to reach, while second one is steeper. Don’t forget to carry a good pair of hiking shoes as the trails can get slippery.

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Why should you go:
Taking a dip in its cool waters in the middle of a jungle is a refreshing experience. It’s also a pleasant alternative to swimming on the beach.

14. Discover the secret Buddha garden

Secret Buddha Garden

It is rightly named as the magic garden due to its lush green beauty, picturesque views and intriguing sculptures. A few hours of trekking can take you to this beautiful place.

Hiking through the dense greenery can be a challenge, but it actually feels like stumbling on a secret place, as you will hardly find anyone. Makes it all worth the effort.

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Why should you go:
If you want an amazing sunrise or sunset shot, this is a great place to capture it.

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Where To Get Really Good Coffee In Paris (That’s Also Instagram-Friendly)

For a city that’s perfected the art of sitting in a café for hours on end while reading a book or indulging in guilt-free people watching, you’d think Paris would have decent cafés. And they do, in many ways, but not as far as good coffee is concerned. If you’ve even so much as a guidebook on Paris in preparation for your trip, you’ll know that coffee here, as everything else in France most residents would argue, is no fuss-free affair. The city is filled with cafés with lovely terraces but nine times out of ten, coffee will not only be wildly overpriced, it’ll also be strong enough to scrape varnish off any floor. Save yourself the stomach ache and head to these hip, connoisseur shops — where baristas will happily discuss single-origin beans or roasting techniques — for the best coffee in Paris.

Perhaps the only places where you’ll get a proper, attitude-free latte!

Where To Find The Best Coffee In Paris

Coutume Café

Best Coffee In Paris
Best Coffee In Paris

Despite its enviable location down the street from Bon Marché and Musée Rodin, Coutume Café is almost the sole third-wave coffee shop in this part of Paris. Founded by Antoine Nétien — named best roaster in France back in 2011 — this light-filled and quiet spot is very serious about coffee. Can’t afford the time to stay in and grab a bite? Fret not. Take your java to go and enjoy it in nearby Jardin du Luxembourg.


Fondation Café

Best Coffee In Paris

Nestled on a quiet street near bustling Place de la République, this minimalist shop — with just a dozen seats — is known not only for its iconic mint-coloured sets of cup and saucer but also for its rather expansive terrace, which is a delight on the odd sunny day in Paris.


Best Coffee In Paris

As one of the very first roasters in Paris, the Caféothèque was here long before white-washed coffee shops filled with plaid-clad baristas were ever a thing. The goal, here, is not to be trendy, but instead to serve a mean cup of coffee in one of the busiest parts of the Seine banks.

Ten Belles

Best Coffee In Paris
Best Coffee In Paris

I always go back to this tiny coffee shop whenever I find myself in Paris, for three reasons: 1, for the enviable location right by Canal Saint-Martin, 2, for the amazing latte, and 3, for the alt-rock soundtrack curated by the Australian owner that sometimes makes it hard to leave. Ten Belles may be a household name in the world of hipster coffee in Paris, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. You can even get a bag of Ten Belles beans as a souvenir!

Cafe Kitsune

Best Coffee In Paris
Best Coffee In Paris
Best Coffee In Paris

This being central Paris and this being the coffee shop of a rather high-end French clothing brand, there is no such thing as leaving the Kitsuné premises unscathed by the snotty Parisian Attitude. The coffee is worth it, though, as is the setting: the seating space spills out onto the elegant arcades of Palais-Royal and the countless – not to mention endlessly entertaining – fashion bloggers posing for yet another photo shoot.


Best Coffee In Paris

In great contrast from the previous address, Loustic is nothing but friendly. The owners are very keen to strike up a conversation, be it about coffee or the Parisian weather — a universally relatable topic and one locals won’t shy from complaining about. The wood-heavy decor, complemented by lush pillows and warm earth tones, is also a nice change from the clinically white shops found elsewhere in the city.


Best Coffee In Paris

This is the kind of place where the owner refuses to give out the Wi-Fi password for the sake of “customers talking to each other”. Frustrating to some, refreshing to others, the truth is that Fragments and its characterful black facade leave no one indifferent, especially not as far as coffee and nibbles are concerned. The space has strong artist workshop vibes, with exposed brick walls and luxuriant plants scattered everywhere.

Boot Café

Best Coffee In Paris

Don’t let the “Cordonnerie” sign fool you into thinking that this is a hipster-approved cobbler’s shop. Perhaps the most minuscule of all Paris coffee shops, Boot Café and its now-iconic turquoise hue is indeed a place where beans and cakes are kings as opposed to shoes in need of fixing.


Best Coffee In Paris
Best Coffee In Paris

With its large windows right on lively Avenue Ledru-Rollin, Passager is an ideal place to people watch Parisians go about their business. Their coffee is sourced from esteemed Berlin-based roaster Five Elephant and their latte art is a creation of one of the world’s best baristas. Or, at the very least, the most creative.

The Best Coffee In Paris: Additional Suggestions


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Our Ultimate Guide To Things To Do In Asiatique Bangkok

Asiatique The Riverfront is one of the most unique and popular night markets in Bangkok. It gives you an experience of shopping in a mall and a night bazaar, both on the same premises.  

With more than a thousand boutique stalls, 40 swanky restaurants, loads of street-food joints, entertainment avenues and gorgeous riverside views, evenings here fly by like a breeze.

How To Get To Asiatique

There are two ways to get to Asiatique – by road or by boat. You can take a car or a taxi directly. You can also take the Red bus number 15 from Siam Centre. The bus is free and stops right in front of Asiatique.

Travelling by road is not the most preferred way though, as the insane traffic can leave you stranded for a long time.

The better way to get to Asiatique is by boat. You can take the BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin station. From there, it’s a short walk to Sathorn Pier. You just need to follow the crowds. From the pier, Asiatique operates free shuttle services that run between 4pm and 11pm, and leave every 15 minutes. A pleasant 15-minute cruise along the Chao Phraya River takes you to Asiatique Riverfront.

Timings (Last Updated – Feb’18)

Opening hours: 4pm to midnight (Boats run from 4pm to 11.30pm)

The 4 Districts Of Asiatique

Asiatique is an organised night market, unlike other night markets in Bangkok. In fact, there is even a map to get you from one place to another.  

Photo via Flickr

Asiatique is split into 4 districts to help you find what you are looking without too much hassle.

Chareonkrung District: This is the district where you will find the majority of small boutique shops. There are more than a thousand of such stalls, selling everything from souvenirs and handicrafts to jewellery and clothing. The district also houses the famed Calypso Cabaret show and the Joe Louis Puppet Theatre.

The Factory District: Cutting-edge fashion and gadgets are the highlights of this district. There are more than 500 shops here selling cool fashion designs, handicrafts and home furnishings. You will even find an Apple store here.

The Waterfront District: The Waterfront district is where you find fancy dining outlets, serving everything from Italian, Korean and Thai to lip-smacking seafood. You can sit by the riverside or ride the giant Ferris wheel. This is also where concerts, festivals and fireworks take place throughout the year.

The Town Square District: The Town Square District has a large sports bar, numerous cafes and branded food chains like KFC, Pizza Company, Au Bon Pain and MK.

Shopping At Asiatique

Shopaholics are in for a feast at Asiatique. Just the sheer variety and volume of things available here will blow your mind.

There are around 1,500 stalls spread out across the premises, selling everything from fashion to handicrafts. No matter what your budget, you’re sure to find something, as Asiatique plays host to everything, from cheap fashion pieces and knock-offs to high-end local designer brands. You will also find top-range electronics here.

Just remember one tip while you shop here – bargain hard.

Shopping Recommendations

1. Qualy

This is a great Thai homeware store that sells useful stuff packaged in a unique way. You’ll find quirky items like a toilet brush shaped like an oversized cherry, a salt-and-pepper shaker shaped like a small chick, and a log-and-squirrel self-watering pot plant. The shop will make you feel what your home is badly missing – and it’s hard not to get tempted by the display of colours.

2. By Myself

If you’re looking for amazing bags, then this small boutique shop is the right place for you. The bags have a vintage feel to them and the quality is amazing as the leather is imported from Australia and Argentina. They also sell cool key chains, watch straps and wallets.

3. Le Petid Print

How do you spot this one? Well, it has a tuk-tuk parked at the entrance. Few places design quirky t-shirts like Le Petid Print, with prints of Tintin, Disney characters, the Beatles, and more.

A great souvenir would be the t-shirt with railway travel poster for Bangkok, and the famous Thai temples in the background. If you want something personalised, they can create it for you.

4. Magnifique Et Moi

This is the place to go to for cutting-edge fashion designs – the ones that have become a rage around the world. From floaty dresses and Victorian sailor shirts to ’20s-inspired cloche sun hats and funky ’70s print summer dresses, the collection is quite diverse. It’s a place from where you buy something to show off.

5. Try Me Accessories 

This is no ordinary accessory store – the quirky items here are inspired by sugary snacks like a rainbow cake ring, candy floss fluffy earrings and macaroon necklaces in different ‘flavours’. You can also find bunnies, puppies and flowers. The stand-out product here is a romantic double swan ring and the carousel collection.

Food At Asiatique

Asiatique is a paradise for foodies. There are around 40 restaurants in the premises, so you are literally spoilt for choice.

Some of them are along the riverside deck, beautifully lit with classical jazz and local music playing in the background. This is truly the perfect escape from the chaotic city.

And when it comes to international dining options, you have everything from Japanese, Italian and Korean to American, Thai, seafood, Chinese, and Turkish.

Recommended Restaurants

1. Baan Khanita

An upscale Thai restaurant, Baan Khanita serves amazing Thai food. It’s not authentic, but adjusted to cater to an international audience. It’s mellower, less spicy and thus ideal for families and kids. Overlooking the Chao Phraya River, it has a fantastic ambience, too.

2. Kacha Kacha

If you are in the mood for some excellent Japanese, head to Kacha Kacha. Their dishes such as yakitori, teppanyaki and okonomiyaki are sublime. Dine on the pretty outdoor roof terrace, which is decorated with colourful paper lanterns.

3. Brasserie 9

Located on the riverfront, this fancy restaurant whips up French bistro classics like foie gras, oysters and crêpes Suzette with a great selection of authentic French wines to go with it. There’s also has a river-facing deck – need we say more?

4. Capri Restaurant and Bar

This place serves delicious Italian cuisine, especially pizzas and pastas. They also have an all-night happy ‘hour’ of buy-one-get-one-free deals on draught beer, classic cocktails and wine.

5. Checkmate Bar And Bistro

Want to listen to some catchy tunes while you savour some amazing food? Then this is your place. Gorge on some Western food with a Thai twist as you listen to a live band.

6. Nude Dern Bar

This place has some mouthwatering Thai dishes. Try the Shrimp Pad Thai and the Seafood Tom Yum – and don’t forget to drink the classic Thai iced tea.

7. Open Food Court

It’s not just about fancy dining places – the main eating area in Asiatique is actually an open food court with tons of Thai food vendors. If you want something a little casual, there are also your typical branded outlets like KFC and Pizza Company.

Wind up all that delectable food by relishing some desserts. While they are all absolutely delicious, the crepe ice-creams are especially popular. The chocolate-infused aroma around the stalls will leave you weak in your knees in no time.

Entertainment At Asiatique

Asiatique is not just about shopping and food – there is plenty else to keep you entertained, too. Here are some incredible and unique shows that you can go for.

1. Calypso Cabaret

Calypso Cabaret is considered to be the best cabaret show in Bangkok. You will see Thailand’s famed ladyboys strut their stuff, as they sing and dance in their jazzy costumes. Pop celebrities are their favourites, and their parodies of Lady Gaga and Elvis Presley are sure to tickle your funny bone.

The ambience is bar-like, with the velvety seating and pinkish lighting. Tickets to the show include a free drink of your choice. Or, you can go for a show and dinner package.

This is box title
Cost: US$ 28

2. Muay Thai Live – The Legend Lives

Muay Thai is Thailand’s most popular combat sport. It’s an intense activity, where fighters demolish each other with a flurry of elbow and knee strikes.

But don’t worry – the show is not as brutal as it sounds. It’s actually a theatrical storytelling of the origin of this martial art. The engaging plot and athleticism of the performers keeps you on the edge of the seat.

This is box title
Cost: US$ 37

3. Joe Louis Puppet Theatre

The Joe Louis Puppet Theatre gives you a taste of traditional Thai puppetry blended with modern choreography. These artists perform stories from Thai mythology with their puppets and, unlike the usual ones where the puppeteers are hidden, here they are a part of the performance.

This is box title
Cost: US$ 29

4. Ferris Wheel

One of the most prominent attractions at Asiatique is the 60-meter-high Ferris wheel. If you want a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of Bangkok and its riverside skyline, you should definitely take this ride.

This is box title
Cost: US$ 13 for adults and US$ 8 for a child

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Cruise to Lysefjorden

Credits: F. Schwarzlmüller, Fjord Travel Norway
It is late November, freezing cold and it had snowed last night as I make my way to the port of Stavanger to start my day cruise to Lysefjord. The wild and dramatic fjord cuts its way 40 km into the country between steep mountains. The Lysefjord is carved and formed by the glaciers during the Ice Age. In this wild and brutal mountain area, people have scratched onto the hills and mountains for thousands of years. In many places you can see traces of human activity and conquest of the wild nature. 
Only a few people have gathered to join me on the tour this morning. We are warmly welcomed on board and make ourselves comfortable in the warm salon. The boat offers a sun deck.
F. Schwarzlmueller, Fjord Travel Norway
Make sure to bring warm clothes as it can be pretty windy and cold but the best views are undoubtedly from the sun deck! After leaving Stavanger the boat passes gorgeous, rocky islands. On some of them wooden houses are nestled into the hillsides. Every curve in the coastline reveals a new idyllic scene. The mountains then begin to appear in the distance, with some rising as high as three-thousand feet about sea level. During summer you may be lucky enough to spot some mountain goats who clamour torward the waterss edge as the boat nears.

F. Schwarzlmueller, Fjord Travel Norway
Right after entering Lysefjord we pass Jettegrytten (pothole) which is shaped by a stone that got into the flow of water that erupted when the ice melted, and thus have made the hole bigger and bigger. It is said that it was here that people from further up the fjord came to bathe before going to church in a small village nearby.
Right afterwards the boat enters Fantahålå (“vagabond’s cave”) a small mountain cave named after a group of vagabonds who sought shelter there on the run from the local police.
Unfortunately, it is pretty misty today so we cannot see Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) but the views of the steep mountains, the many waterfalls and the fjord are just breathtaking. 

F. Schwarzlmueller, Fjord Travel Norway
Before the return to Stavanger the boat stops at Henjane waterfall, and with stop I mean the boat gets as close to the waterfall as possible. While we enjoy the view of the thundering waterfall the crew takes water from the waterfall so that we can enjoy pure and fresh mountain water from the fall which plummets 400 meters down into the fjord.

You can also experience the beauty of Lysefjorden on our trip Highlights of Southern Norway.
Welcome to Norway!

Will Cocoon Maldives score a World Luxury Restaurant Award?

Cocoon Maldives island resort has been nominated for the prestigious 2018 World Luxury Restaurant Awards. The World Luxury Restaurant Awards incentive celebrates excellence in the field of gastronomy, from hospitality and tourism properties all over the world.

The World Luxury Restaurant Awards doesn’t solely look for the best cuisines. They also keep an eye out for the most memorable experiences, outstanding atmosphere, and top-notch services. Cocoon Maldives, designed by Italian-based LAGO, is competing for the award from the Luxury Interior Design/Architecture category. Guests of nominated hotel properties and industry professionals vote based on their personal experiences.

Cocoon Maldives is in Lhaviyani Atoll, a 30-minute seaplane ride away from the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. Located on its very own island of Ookolhufinolhu, Cocoon Maldives is developed with an elegant and modern look that compliments the surrounding tropical vibrancy. The interiors reflect the mesmerizing beauty of the marine world in the Maldives, and an earthy ambiance is provided by furniture hewn from 200-year-old Wildwood. The resort features an expansive reception pavilion, three restaurants, two bars, dive center, spa, lounge, library, gym and kid’s club.  Cocoon Maldives houses 150 villas on the beach and over the turquoise lagoon.

The fantastic interiors at Cocoon Maldives certainly deserve the award for the chic luxury they offer. The South Asian Travel Awards (SATA) recognized Cocoon Maldives as South Asia’s Leading Design Hotel on 28 October 2017, so chances are Cocoon Maldives’ impeccable decor will once again get a prestigious recognition.


The Maldives grabbed several World Luxury Restaurant Awards for 2017. The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort, of course, won accolades for Global Restaurant of the Year, Luxury Unique Experience, and Luxury Resort Restaurant. Another notable achievement for the Maldives last year was the recognition by World Luxury Restaurant Awards of Samsara Asian Fusion at Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa, which sits on stilts over the island’s heavenly lagoon. Samsara Asian Fusion got accolades for their mouthwateringly scrumptious Asian Cuisines. Last year’s award for Fine Dining Cuisine went to Trio at Sun Siyam Irufushi, and the best Luxury Seafood Restaurant accolade went to Thila at Kurumba Maldives Resort.

The 2018 World Luxury Restaurant Awards will be announced at a Gala Ceremony on 22 August 2018.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed, wishing for a hearty success to Cocoon Maldives! If you’ve stayed there, you can contribute to the polls as well. If not, why not head over to the Maldives for a unique luxury experience? We have a special offer with some discounts at Cocoon Maldives, which is especially suitable for families with more than one kid in tow. You can also experience the award-winning Trio restaurant by booking a stay at Sun Siyam Irufushi, for which we have a sweet deal as well, suitable for honeymooners, families, and seniors.

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