12 Items To Watch Out For While Shopping In Thailand

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Shopping in Thailand is a delight, especially if you love variety. The country is known for its long and crowded markets lined with options that can make you go crazy. But amidst all the chaos, here are 12 items to look out for if you want to take back a souvenir that’s authentically ‘Thai’.

1. Clothes

Love being up-to-date with fashion trends? Then shopping in the streets of Thailand will be a treat for you! The general dressing sense of Thailand is modest but oh-so-trendy. Garments on the rack consist of lot of linens. So, markets are filled with flowy, comfortable dresses tailored in the cool and fresh fabric. Note that it is easier to get smaller sized clothes in the island country as people in Thailand have a smaller frame.

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Where: For the basics, check out clothes from AIIZ (a popular Thai brand). Those looking for classy, Zara-like trends should make a beeline for Pomelo Shop, a beloved Thai fashion brand found in every mall.

2. Fruit Soaps

Personal care in Thailand revolves around have a glowing, healthy skin. So, the country has a wide range of special skin care products. And, that’s why the Thai love the natural, fruity punch of goodness on their skin too.

Tip: Don’t forget to bargain.

Thais dig fruit soaps. And, you should too! The current hot favourite is the Mango fruit soap. So, if you pass a shop or stall selling fruit soaps, buy them for your friends and family without a second thought. You won’t regret it.

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Where: Asiatique, Chatuchak weekend market and Pratunam market in Bangkok and street shops in Pattaya are hot-spots for fruit soaps.

3. NaRaYa Bags

The local brand NaRaYa is known for the fabric of its bags. Bags and pouches of NaRaYa are Thailand’s favourite from the high-end local chain. It’s a great pick-up if you are looking for a classy and exotic souvenir.

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Where: All major malls in Bangkok have NaRaYa bags.

4. Everything Elephant

Elephants are always in trend in Thailand. You will find wooden carvings, dress patterns, bags and whatnots with elephant prints. What’s great is that all these are beautiful works of art and it is authentic to Thailand. So, if you want to bring home a piece of Thailand, pick up an item denoting an elephant.

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Where: Gift shops all over Thailand.

5. Wooden Toad That Attracts Wealth

A toad carved out of the wood of Acacia tree is considered auspicious by the Thai. The instrument makes croaking sounds like that of a toad, and that – the Thais believe – attracts wealth and spectacular harvest during the monsoon. So, if want to use some luck to get rich, buy the toad!

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Where: Native market lies in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. But it can be found in markets all over the country.

6. Thai Alcohol

Another thing that you won’t find anywhere else but in Thailand is the local alcohol. There’s the Magic Alambic rum, Chalong Bay rum, and Sang Som whiskey that are local to Thailand. You will also find international brands here, but they are heavily taxed and expensive. As a wise shopper, stick with the national drinks and take home some to share a bit of Thailand high with your dear ones.

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Where: Koh Samui is the place for the flavourful Magic Alambic rum. Visit the distillery or any gift shop of a popular hotel to find it. Phuket is the place for Chalong Bay rum and Sang Som whiskey.

7. Multipurpose Thai Triangle Pillow

A unique item in Thailand is a pillow which looks like a triangle load that can unfurl to make a mattress. This is a great item of home décor. It’s thoughtful. And, you get it only in Thailand. So, don’t forget to pick up one of these multi-taskers during your shopping spree.

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Where: Phuket is the go-to place. As these pillows are bulky, you can place an order with country specifications on their filling and get them delivered at your doorstep.

8. Inhaler

Not every day do you find an inhaler on a tourist’s shopping list. But there’s a reason why we recommend it if you are in Thailand. We’re not sure if it’s the climate or the temperature, but a blocked nose is a common ailment in Thailand. And, the demand has created an effective supply of inhalers. So, if you suffer from rhinitis, don’t forget to pick an inhaler from Thailand. You will be amazed by how useful it is!

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Where: Poy-Sian Nasal Inhaler can be found in every departmental store in the country. It’s effective.

9. Thai Silk

Buying silk from Thailand has one USP, you get them in the brightest shades suited for the tropics. Thailand produces commercial silk from domesticated eri silkworms and glossy, mulberry silk from Bombyx mori. The coveted variety in Thailand is the mulberry silk in bright colours that you won’t find anywhere else. So, if you’ve got a fixation for silk, make it a point to browse through the silks of Thailand.

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Where: Best outlets are the Jim Thompson shops. They are present all over the country.

10. Snail White

The popular brand of skincare essentials is said to be made of real snail secretions. This peculiar ingredient is believed to work wonders on the skin, especially in maintaining the youthful look. A word of caution, though, like any skincare product, this one too should be first tested on your skin. But for what’s it worth, and just because you are in Thailand, no harm in trying, right?

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Where: Found in almost every beauty shop all over the country.

11. Coconut Products

In Thailand, one thing is common between oil, monkey statues, and even chimes — coconut! The country loves its coconut. So, apart from coconut oil (which is common), you will find many other products made of coconut. You will get high-end products like aromatic coco water. So, if you are in Thailand, do not return without having a piece of it in your bag.

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Where: Koh Samui is the place for the best coconut products.

12. Lip-Smacking Seaweed

Cannot fathom how seaweed can be delicious? Well, you ought to try the flavoured, crunchy ones that come in packets in Thailand. This delicacy, which sells like chips, won’t be found elsewhere. So, if you want to take back something for your foodie friends – seaweed (it tastes so close to bacon!) it should be.

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Where: Tao Kae Noi Seaweed in various flavours like chicken larb, spicy grilled squid is available at all supermarkets in Thailand.

Markets of Thailand are extensive. Don’t forget to wear comfortable footwear and clothes on your shopping day. And, when in the field, don’t forget to watch out for the above 12 items. Your trip is indeed incomplete without at least one of these!

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