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The Best Moment of Your Life

Although I’m now 10 years away from Lonely Planet they’re still nice to me and ask me to lend my expertise (whatever there is of it!) to projects like the annual Best in Travel and to assorted new publications. ▲ Creg-ny-Baa corner on the Isle of Man TT Mountain Circuit, fail to make this corner […]

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Aerial Views

I’m disappointed if my travels don’t take me to some ‘new’ (for me) countries each year and this year was certainly a good one in that department with nine previously unvisited locations – that’s the next blog. Some great aerial views also make me happy and there have been a few of those. ▲ Right […]

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Australia’s Four Corners

▲ My recent trek to four Western Australian islands (or island groups) also took me to Steep Point, the most westerly point on the Australian mainland. If you haven’t got a helicopter or a suitable boat you’ll need a four-wheel drive to get there, but that completed my visits to Australia’s four corners. It’s easy […]

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Baku in Azerbaijan

My final overseas travel in 2019 took me to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan – west side of the Caspian Sea, north of Iran, south of Russia. A three hour flight from Dubai, the jumping off point for almost anywhere in the world these days. ▲ Baku certainly has architecture to spare, particularly the Flame […]

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Cyprus in the Mediterranean

Earlier this year it felt like I was doing a ‘European clean up,’ going to the countries which had somehow evaded me – Slovakia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Moldova – but that still left one very interesting Mediterranean island: Cyprus. So on my way back to Australia from London I stopped off for a few very interesting […]

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