Bergen – seen through the eyes of locals

by on 23/10/17 at 3:53 pm

Bryggen area Bergen by Franziska Schwarzlmüller, Fjord Travel Norway

Bergen – secondlargest city in Norway and gateway to the Fjords. Situated in close proximity to the North Sea and surrounded by seven mountains the city has plent to offer for both tourists and locals. 

We personally feel very blessed to call this city our home. The most appreciated quality of Bergen, is the immediate vicinity to nature. 
The nature surrounds Bergen from all sides – everywhere you go you are close to both the mountains and the sea. 

Rumors say that it rains a lot in Bergen. Yes – this is true, but even if you visit Bergen on a rainy day there is plenty to see and to explore. And the good news – all of the city´s finest attractions are within walking distance, making Bergen an easy to explore city. 

Lake close to Moun Fløyen by Franziska Schwarzlmüller Fjord Travel Norway
But what are actually our favourite spots in and around the city?

Where do we go for a Sunday stoll, shop for local products or have a fancy dinner? What do we do on a rainy day and where do we go to escape the city? 

The staff at FjordTravel Norway has put together 10 highlights of Bergen which we as locals want to share with you during this week.

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