Save Your Thai Visa Fee And Spend It On These Awesome Experiences In Thailand

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We all know how nerve-wracking and tiring it can get while applying for a visa to visit your favourite country on vacations. Worse, if you don’t organize well and miss out on some documents, your entire vacation is ruined. Not anymore! With Thailand announcing a waiver on visa fee from December 1st 2018 till January 31st 2019, which basically means you will be saving Rs 4400 if you’re an Indian citizen, it’s time to plan a trip to the country. Imagine all the things you can do with the money while you’re on the trip. And trust us, you can do a lot!

Before you rush off to book your tickets, read up on all the things you can do to entertain yourself in under INR 4400:

1. Become A Human Slingshot

Human Slingshot PattayaIthaka | Ithaka

Experience the most thrilling ride of your life in Pattaya. Fly through the air as a ‘Human Slingshot’ for an adrenaline pumped activity. This unique adventure is the only slingshot experience in entire Asia. Just try it now and you’ll thank us later.

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Cost per person: INR 3080
Where: Pattaya

2. Discover Bangkok Behind The Scenes On A Cycle Tour

Whether you are enthusiastic about Thai food or culture or architecture, or just history, this tour will help you get to know Bangkok on an entirely new level. The tour follows the path of the formation and development of Bangkok — from the ancient temples and small communities where traditional ways are still maintained to the skyscrapers lining up the city’s horizons. Discover the abandoned 18th-century temple, witness the lives of local people, and get a feel of the mesmerising nature as you ride a cross-river ferry.

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Cost per person: INR 2300
Where: Bangkok

3. Shop Till You Drop At This Floating Market

This country’s offbeat experiences are famous all over the world. So, next on the list is Damnoen Saduak Floating Market whose overwhelming beauty will make you fall for it. Every day thousands of locals and tourists visit this 100-year-old market to shop, eat, and enjoy the lively ambience. Our suggestion, start your tour early morning to avoid crowd and heat. Enjoy watching coconut brown sugar being made by locals while riding on a long tail boat through small canals, local fruit plantations, and houses.

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Cost per person: INR 999
Where: Damnoen Saduak, 105 kms from Bangkok.

4. Plan Four-Island Hopping Tour From Krabi To Discover The Beauty Of Thailand

Imagine lounging on a soft sandy beach with cerulean blue ocean in the background while sipping a glass of pina colada. Now, that’s some scenery we have painted for you and that’s exactly what you can do on this tour. Discover what a beauty south-western Thailand is when you travel to these four islands- Poda, Koh Gai (Chicken Island), Koh Tub, and Koh Mor. And you can go for snorkelling and swimming with fish. It will be the most memorable trip of your holiday.

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Cost per person: INR 1999
Where: Krabi

5. Swim With The Sharks At Sea Life Ocean World

The Ocean World is more than just an attraction; it’s a life-long experience that visitors take home. Built below the famous Siam Paragon Mall, Sea Life Ocean World is one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia, boasting over 30,000 fish and marine creatures from around the world. The variety of aquatic lives include sharks, piranhas, dolphins, manta ray, and much more. You’ll be surprised to discover the range of ocean adventures this place has to offer.

If you have a diving licence, you can also swim with sharks. Now, that’s one hell of an adventure.

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Cost per person: INR 1400
Where: Bangkok

6. Spend A Fun-Filled Day At Dream World

Located just outside the city, in the province of Pathum Thani, Dreamworld Theme Park is a great getaway if you are on a family vacation. We suggest you to try their water rides and thrilling sky coaster to feel the rush of adrenaline running through your veins. If you are a selfie-lover, do check out their enchanting landscape gardens featuring alluring waterfalls, grand statues, etc. to make your photos Instagram worthy.

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Cost per person: INR 2450
Where: Bangkok

7. Get The Local Experience Of Bangkok With A Tuk-Tuk Tour

This tour isn’t like any other city tour. Here’ you’ll get to mingle with the locals, try drool worthy local dishes, and get a ride on an amazing tuk-tuk on the busy streets of China Town. That’s not all. Once you are done with all these fun activities, head straight to a mountaintop to witness the most magnificent sunset of your life with a captivating panoramic view of Bangkok old town.

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Cost per person: INR 2100
Where: Bangkok

8. Get Mesmerised By Simon Cabaret Show

A Thailand trip is just not over without watching an extravagant cabaret show. It is the perfect example of Phuket’s world-famous nightlife. The rich and entertaining performances by ladyboys will leave you awe-inspired. Enjoy the cutting-edge equipment, intricate costumes, talented artists, and exquisite performances coming alive in the cabaret.

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Cost per person: INR 1799
Where: Phuket

9. Explore The Unexplored On Coral Island

When it comes to Thailand, island hopping is a must. And Koh Larn aka the Coral Island is perhaps one of the most beautiful islands in the country. It is actually a group of small islands located a few miles off the coast of Pattaya. The serene surroundings, crystal clear water, beautiful beaches and extensive coral is what marks the beauty of this island. If you take the Coral Island tour, it will also offer you activities such as parasailing, jet-ski, underwater sea-walk and snorkelling. So, all you need to do is just chill and unwind.

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Cost per person: INR 720
Where: Pattaya

10. Click A Selfie With The Stars At Madame Tussaud Wax Museum

You might think what’s new in this wax museum? Well, you can hug, kiss, and even touch the statues here. Yes, it’s an interactive museum. Now, that’s something very different.

Strike a pose with the US President and the first lady or click a selfie with the latest addition- Anushka Sharma. A day out at this museum is definitely worth it!

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Cost per person: INR 1350
Where: Bangkok

11. Get One with Nature at Doi Inthanon National Park Tour

Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand, is also known as ‘the roof of Thailand’. A picturesque road trip to the most peaceful place in the country is a must. You can visit the sacred Wat Phra That Si Chom Thong, the musical Wachirathan Falls, or just go on a jungle trek at Aang-Ka. The choice is all yours!

It’s really a visual treat for all the nature lovers.

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Cost per person: INR 4199
Where: Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai

12. Plan a fun-filled Phi Phi Island Tour from Phuket

Become a part of Thailand’s natural sights on Phi Phi Island. Take an early morning ferry from Phuket to spend most of the day on the island. Snorkel with turtle and fish or enjoy a swim in the turquoise blue water or simply fall head over heels at the beautiful Phi Phi beaches. The island is a perfect fit for any kind of traveller- a nature seeker, adventure junkie, chiller traveller or a foodie.

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Cost per person: INR 3900
Where: Phuket

13. Try Scuba Diving If You are an Adventure Enthusiast

Get ready to unwind yourself in the nature’s paradise called Koh Tao Island. Start by relaxing on the beach, followed by exploring the fascinating aquatic life by opting for scuba diving. You are going to love it if you have a knack for adventures. Swim near the rocky reefs and colourful corals which make this place idyllic for a dive.

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Cost per person: INR 4125
Where: Koh Tao

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