The Fastest, Cheapest & Most Scenic Ways To Go From Bangkok To Krabi

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South-East Asia’s top party destination, Thailand, holds a treasure of serenity, sunsets and sand. Located in the southern part of the country between Phang Nga and Trang, the Krabi province is a perfect place for travellers looking to unwind on pristine white beaches and turquoise waters. Besides the exceptional coastline, Krabi also features lovely jungles for treks, limestone cliffs, waterfall and caves.

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Krabi is also a paradise for water lovers, with a range of sports and activities on the beach as well as some exceptional underwater life. Being less crowded than other popular places in Thailand, locals as well as tourists from the city of Bangkok often flock here for some respite. Krabi is around 770 kilometres from Bangkok and offers multiple routes from the capital city to the beach paradise. Here’s how you can commute.

To Krabi By Flight – Fastest

As mentioned, Krabi is at quite a distance from Bangkok, hence flights are the best and fastest alternative to travel between the two destinations. However, it could be a tad heavy on the pocket.

There are plenty of flights that fly daily and even multiple times a day between the two places. You can pick luxury as well as cheap airlines for your journey to Krabi Airport (KBV).

It is important to note that you need to be at the airport at least one hour before the flight, as the gates close 40 minutes before take off. This can be tricky as in Bangkok traffic, you may take almost two hours to reach Suvarnabhumi Airport. The city bus is the best way to commute, but you can even take the taxi, which is expensive or the train which can be crowded

Flights Available: Currently, you can take budget airlines such as Air Asia that has eight flights to and fro; Bangkok Airways that has daily flights and often additional ones during peak season; Nok Air with two flights every day; Scoot (Tiger Airways) that has one flight every day; Thai Airways  with four or five flights; and Thai Lion Air with three flights daily.

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Flight Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Cost: Depending on the airline you might spend THB 1,500 to THB 2,500 (Rs 3,387 to 5,646, US$ 46 to 77) or more, as per season and time of the day. This is the cost for a one-way flight.

To Krabi By Road – Cheapest

The 700-plus-kilometre journey may seem daunting via road, but it can be quite comfortable in a luxurious bus. Recliner, air-conditioned buses leave from the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok to reach Krabi.

These buses are extremely safe and reliable for tourists, especially if it is an overnight journey to Krabi. However, it is advised that you keep your valuables on you at all times. Besides, not all buses have washroom facilities, so you need to check that before you get on board. The tickets need not be booked in advance, except on Thai public holidays, wherein you may book online or via local agents.

There are minibuses and intercity taxis that also offer this trip, which are faster and more convenient. However, not all of these are safe and reliable. Only if you know a local source that offers information on these should you opt for it, else it is ideal to stick to the bus service.

Reaching the Southern Bus Terminal or the Sai Tai Mai, can be tough from the city’s centre. There are direct taxis but it might cost you around THB 120 (Rs 127, US$ 3.5); instead you can take a local bus that might take a bit longer but will be far cheaper.

In Krabi, the buses arrive at the Talaat Kao bus terminal. The private cars and minibuses tend to end their trip at Lomprayah stations, which are slightly away from the central area in Krabi, but you can take a bus or taxi to reach your destination.

Bus Companies: A few reliable companies are Phantip, Songserm, Lignite, Paradise Travel, and Jolly Travel.

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Duration: It is usually an overnight journey that takes about 12 to 14 hours
Cost: It take about THB 650 to 900 (Rs 1,355 to 2,023, US$ 18 to 27), depending on the type of bus you choose and the timing of the day.

To Krabi By Train – Most Scenic

Technically, there are no direct trains from Bangkok to Krabi, as the latter has no station or tracks. However, you can combine your trip via a train and then by road.

In Bangkok, you need to board a train from the Hua Lamphong station, then go to Surat Thani station. From the railway station, you need to go to the bus terminal at Surat Thani and then take a direct bus from there to Krabi. 

Now Hua Lamphong station is at the heart of the city, making it easily accessible by the MRT as well as the local buses. You can opt for a regular bus or pick an air conditioned one to reach Hua Lamphong. And, of course, you can get a taxi to the station, but it can get really crowded and messy to find a taxi during peak hours.

In addition, this station itself is extremely busy, as it connects all major metro lines and is in the middle of the city. For a tourist, it can be daunting to understand where to get the train to Surat Thani from, hence keep at least 30 to 40 minutes of time before you board your train.

Book tickets for the train, or a combination of train and bus from Surat Thani in advance to save time and avoid confusion at the Hua Lamphong station. There are trains during the day as well as sleeper trains at night. You have an option of booking second- and first-class tickets. The coaches are air conditioned and one meal is included. The bus from Surat Thani to Krabi will also be a luxury air-conditioned one.

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Duration: Depending on the train you choose, it can take nine to 11 hours during the day or night. From Surat Thani, the bus takes another three hours to reach Krabi.
Cost: The one-way train tickets for second-class start at THB 800 (Rs 1,800, US$ 24) and increase, depending on which train you choose. The one-way bus tickets start at THB 550 (Rs 1,242, US$ 17). A combination ticket would cost lesser.

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