The Top 4 Travel Destinations To Visit In Winter 2020

by on 05/10/20 at 1:00 pm

Taking inspiration from a recent Forbes post, winter travel in 2020 is going to be slightly different. Here are 4 interesting locations to consider visiting this winter.


Currently a very underrated travel location, Slovenia is home to gorgeous mountainous views, which could well place Slovenia as one of the most underrated destinations in the world. The countries diversity is staggering, with its rural and urban areas earning a reputation named “mini Europe”, further showing the true beauty of this nation. Slovenia offers a great opportunity for a long weekend road trip, showcasing the best Europe has to offer in one place.Slovenia-Ski-Resort

The capital, Ljubljana, is rich with historic architecture and the perfect place to find a charming sidewalk café. If you’re looking for a fun and sporty getaway, there are many ski resorts that Slovenia has to offer. Furthermore, Slovenia has many popular Instagram locations in the region of Lake Bled.

As Slovenia is still underrated, a true hidden gem of Central Europe, the travel costs in the country are incredibly low. Taking into consideration of the unknown beauty of Slovenia’s surroundings, it won’t stay this way forever, take the opportunity now and visit Slovenia this winter.

Belize Winter 2020Belize

Similar to Slovenia, Belize is emerging as a real hidden gem in the Caribbean. Touted to take the crown as the go to Caribbean destination, now’s your chance to experience Belize in a quieter setting ahead of crowds in years to come. Belize is extremely fascinating, and a perfect location for nature lovers. It is also a great place for people wanting to learn how to dive, whilst at the same time providing a suitable environment for diving enthusiasts.

The winter season is also host to a combination of festivals, such as the John Canoe Festival and the San Pedro Holiday Boat Paradise.


Cappadocia-Rock-FormationsTurkey, with the recently expanded routes offered by Turkish Airlines, and the luxury of their recently opened Business Class Lounge, the demand for Turkish getaways is bound to rise. This winter gives you an opportunity to see the gorgeous location of Cappadocia. Cappadocia is host to a unique landscape and distinctive rock formations.

Hot-Air-Balloons-Cappadocia-TurkeyA popular activity in this region is hot air ballooning, and is becoming a popular presence for Instagram. Get ready to see this location be geo tagged in your feeds soon! The unique rock formations in Cappadocia were created from a volcanic eruption over three million years ago, so be sure to observe this unique and historic landscape from the sky.

Visiting Cappadocia in the winter months means that you avoid crowds of tourists, and a greater chance of getting booked in one of those hot air balloons. This is an experience you do not want to miss out on.


Hawaii-Beach-2020A trip to Hawaii is always going to be interesting. Winter would be a perfect time to visit if you wish to watch whales, as November to April is prime whale watching season. Similarly, this is the best season for surf enthusiasts.



Whale-Spotting-HawaiiDecember sees travel costs increase dramatically, providing the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a multi-island vacation package. Hawaiian Airlines have some great packages, allowing you to select up to three destinations during your visit.

This gives you a great opportunity to visit Lanai, as there is no direct service to here from continental U.S. but now you can get to Lanai via Oahu, whereas previously, you had to take a ferry.

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