Ukraine 2019: The year of quality & excellence in tourism

by on 07/01/19 at 10:04 pm

The National Tourism Organization of Ukraine is celebrating 2019 by focusing on quality in tourism. It wants travelers to know that Ukraine is open for tourism on all fronts: food tourism, eco-tourism, winter tourism, sea tourism, cultural tourism, as well as MICE events and festivals.

Ukraine prides itself on being the largest country within Europe and is just 3 hours from many of the main capitals. Of special note is the Odessa opera which is ranked as one of the top 5 operas in the world and the Oleshky Sands – the only desert in Europe. Ukrainian food is one of the richest national cuisines on the planet, and it is the most affordable touristic destination in Europe.

Here, visitors may discover its rich land with 7 UNESCO Heritage sites; 20,000 lakes; 11 million hectares of forest; 71,000 rivers and streams; over 100,000 meters of snowy slopes; and 500 kilometers of beaches and resorts. On the more tactile front, there are 30,000 churches and parishes along with 23,000 kilometers of railways just waiting to be explored.

Tourism has an important strategic impact on the sustainable development of every city and country in general. The concept of sustainability and quality in tourism has become interdependent, because tourism requires long-term strategies and uses natural, historical, cultural, and other resources without which interest in the tourist destination would disappear.

The National Tourism Organization of Ukraine understands that quality is synonymous with responsibility and as such, desires to always do well with respect to people and the environment. Quality is a matter of ethics, and this means moving forward with quality, sustainability, social responsibility, transparency, and openness. Social, cultural, economic, and ecological sustainability is a part of the quality of tourism and, at the same time, a guarantee of long-term survival of the sector. More than that, sustainability is an ethical responsibility. Quality cannot exist without ethics.

As Ukraine tourism strives for a more positive 2019 in its tourist product, it strives to treat tourism from a moral point of view. While such things as material purchases can be returned or exchanged, to fix a negative experience in tourism is practically impossible.

First impressions do count, and so for the tour operator, it’s important to do everything right the first time. The process of ensuring high quality in tourism brings benefits to every city and the whole country, its residents, and business. Quality and the desire for perfection improves image and expands the circle of tourism partners which in turn attracts new investments. It’s a circle of achievement that pays big dividends in tourism, and the National Tourism Organization of Ukraine is marching forward into the New Year with such positive goals and energy.

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