Why Should You Visit Slovenia This January?

by on 07/01/21 at 2:00 pm

Taking inspiration from a recent Forbes post, we published an article on our top 4 picks for winter travel in 2020. As we anticipated, winter travel in 2020 was significantly different from the usual. One of the locations which really caught our attention was Slovenia. Here’s why you should visit Slovenia for your winter getaway.Slovenia-Ski-Slopes

Still a very underrated travel location, Slovenia is host to many gorgeous mountainous views. These views alone give Slovenia a high ranking in our minds and may well be one of the most underrated destinations in the world. If you’re looking for a fun and sporty getaway, there are many ski resorts that Slovenia has to offer. Furthermore, Slovenia has many popular Instagram locations, especially in the region of Lake Bled.


Ljubljana-sidewalk-cafeThe capital, Ljubljana, is rich with historic architecture and the perfect place to find a charming sidewalk café.

The countries diversity of rural and urban areas has earned a reputation named “mini Europe”, further showing the true beauty of this nation. Slovenia seems the perfect setting for a long weekend road trip, showcasing the best Europe has to offer in one place.

As Slovenia is still underrated, a true hidden gem of Central Europe, the travel costs in the country are incredibly low. Taking into consideration of the unknown beauty of Slovenia’s surroundings, it won’t stay this way forever, take the opportunity now and visit Slovenia this winter.

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